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    3. Share with us, some of the values that children learn through games and play!

    Make Learning Easy

    Share with us, some of the values that children learn through games and play!

    Make Learning Easy

    Share with us, some of the values that children learn through games and play!

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    • Aug 14 2019


    Asha Winfred Aug 20 2019

    Board games and activities are a wonderful way, I realized, of learning and educating children with various skills and values. They get to learn through playing or solving a puzzle. This keeps the brain engaged and they do not feel like they are studying, but the kids are in turn learning something new. These skills also stay longer in their mind and they will be able to remember and associate these even after many years.

    Smitha.R.P Aug 17 2019

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Children can develop many things through power of play.
    Play helps to nurture imagination and gives
    a sense of adventure and creativity.
    Playing helps yo develop problem solving ,team spirit ,co operation , sharing etc
    It helps the ability to concentrate.
    Dramatic play or pretending play is essential for the child's social development and can play large part in mental development. I helps the child see life from different view point and allow them to trial the situation.

    Muthamizh Aug 15 2019

    Muthamizh Aug 15 2019

    Mousumi Biswas Aug 15 2019

    'All work and no play makes jack a dull boy' . Games and sports whether indoor or outdoor are important for the all round development of the children . They help in physical , mental and social growth. They help in the development of motor skills , social skills and creativity , They inculcate the habit n values of regularity , discipline practice , honesty friendship , optimism ,sportsmanship,teamspirit , caring, sharing and cooperation . Sports and games help in character building .. They develop mental toughness and teach a child to handle all kinds of situations , win or defeat gracefully .

    Rajamani Revauthi Aug 14 2019


    Everything from buttoning a shirt to tying shoes requires fine motor skills. I hardly remember my parents buying toys for us those day. Very few toys were bought and in fact there was no categorised toys to help us learn motor skills and all. So, here are few tips that how can you help your child develop motor skills without buying expensive toys. You can use this to reduce screen time too.

    ?Let your little one finger feed as much as possible. Picking up food with her fingers will help her develop a pincer grasp ,using thumb and first finger.

    ? If you have beads of ur normal chain and thread give the baby a thread to put beads one by one on to the thread. This needs supervision and it's not expensive too. Straws can be used as beads, to thread onto something.

    ?Opening a zipper bag and closing it is a motor skill developing activity.

    ?Around 2 years , provide small crayons that fit into your little ones hands and let them scribble on a piece of paper.

    ?Help your baby open and close the latches of the doors or their own sippers. Scribbling with a pencil or help with a chalk n a slate board.

    ?Buy a therma coal board help ur kid punch a hole with pencil ,its another motor skill activity.

    ?Use a regular piggy banks or a recycled container and encourage your child to hold 2 or 3 coins in the hand and push them through the hole in the box one at a time without dropping the others.

    ?Use the clothes pins to pick up and transfer items from one container to another.

    ?Get your child to squash, squeeze, roll and pound with the play dough or atta.

    Shabnam Desai Aug 14 2019

    Children 1st priority is playing games. Yes games do teach us values. For example team spirit, having patience as we need to wait for our chance. Social skills when they play together. Imagination and understanding right and wrong. Sportsmanship.

    Subhashree Ravichandran Aug 14 2019

    Sharing, equality, respect for rules, sporting spirit, adaptability, enjoyment, swiftness