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    3. Share with us quick skin care routines that have done wonders to your skin!

    Lifestyle for Moms

    Share with us quick skin care routines that have done wonders to your skin!

    Lifestyle for Moms

    Share with us quick skin care routines that have done wonders to your skin!

    Taking care of ourselves is very much important. Share tips, remedies and skincare routines that have worked for you! ... more

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    • Mar 3 2020


    Jasmine Bose Mar 11 2020

    I prefer fresh milk cream on any other cream. It works wonder. Make my skin soft and reduce sun tan.I use natural products for skincare like basen, turmeric,milk,curd etc.

    Suruchi Priya Mar 10 2020

    Always apply aelovera jel on it face as the direction of the pack.......and ye skin will be so smooth as u like in.....

    Rhianna Fernandes Mar 7 2020

    My skin care regime is :
    Step 1. Cleanser
    As long as I'm splashing water on my face first thing in the morning, I might as well use agentle cleanser too . This will help remove stuff like dirt, oil and makeup that my skin can accumulate from my hair and pillowcase while I'm sleeping.
    Step 2.Toner or Astringent
    A lot of people skip this step because they think astringents are too harsh for skin. Not so! Todays toners are formulated to deliver moisture and anti-aging benefits, and modern astringents are antiseptic and clarifying rather than drying.
    Step 3.Serums and Spot Treatments
    Now that my skin is all prepped and squeaky clean, its time to apply those thinner-consistency products such asserumsor those made to address a specific concerns like acne, wrinkles, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.
    The reason being that both serums and treatments are more highly concentrated formulas designed to deliver benefits deep into skins layers, so its best to apply them as closely to skin as possible so they can penetrate without being inhibited.
    Step 4.Moisturizer
    Hydrated and moisturized skin is essential to fight wrinkles and blemishes, and it supports healthy skin by reinforcing its protective barrier. This includes oily skin types! When my skin senses its dry, it actually produces more oil which can make matters worse, so its important to maintain skin balance and hydration.
    Step 5.Eye Cream and/or Gel there are actually eye products specific for daytime use to combat last nights puffy eyes. And, I can layer eye products to get max benefits. Applying an eye gel, waiting a few minutes, then follow up with an eye cream for all that de-puffing, anti-aging, moisturizing goodness.
    Step 6.SPF
    I do not leave the house without applying a daily dose of broad spectrum SPF protection. Even on cloudy days. Even if my makeup contains SPF (it usually isnt enough to provide adequate protection). And even if I'm going to be inside for most of the day.

    Olivia Fernandes Mar 7 2020

    The secret behind my glowing skin :
    1) I drink lots of water.We need water circulating through our bodies at all times. The skin, like any organ, relies on water to flush out harmful toxins. Drinking water also helps prevent dry skin.
    2) Drinking white tea.White tea is rich in antioxidants and can be added to any other type of tea without affecting the flavor. I try to integrate white tea into my daily routine.
    3) I eat healthy.I make sure my diet meets all my skin's needs and that I'm getting all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. I stay away from greasy foods, especially if I have oily skin already.
    4) I avoid touching my face with fingers at all costs. If I have bangs or hair that falls into my eyes I may be tempted to push it out of the way. So I am careful not to let my fingers touch my face.
    5) I avoid the sunlight altogether.Sun screen prevents most damage, but the surest way to keep my skin from wilting in the sun is to stay out of it completely.
    6) Finding the right cleanser for my face.Everybody's skin comes with its own special set of problems. Some is oily, some dry, some prone to blackheads, some to white. My cleaning routine depends on my skin's particular symptoms.
    7) I nourish my skin by massaging in hydrating serums at night, which allows the ingredients to be absorbed properly. This will also stimulate the circulation and even-out skin tone.

    Amrita Mallik Mar 6 2020

    1. Drink at least 3 lts of water everyday.
    2. Daily ecxercise. The sweat kills all negativity - be it acne, pimple or hairfall or spoiler energies.
    3. Fresh vegetables and fruits do the magic.
    4. Celebrate your uniqueness. That keeps you stress-free.
    5. A good moisturiser twice a day along with regular cleaning.
    The simpler the lifestyle the better the functionality of the body.

    Shilpa sharma Mar 6 2020

    My skin care routines are....1) I drink lemon water on empty stomach in the early morning. 2 ) I keep myself hydrated always...for this,I drink 7 to 8 liters water per day. 3) a good moisturizer massage to my face in the night before going to sleep.