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Community Service

Share with us how you are planning to manage and save water in your City!

Community Service

Share with us how you are planning to manage and save water in your City!

Summer is here in Bangalore and the city has severe water scarcity. Share with us how you as a family plan to manage water in your homes and in the city. Share tips, your daily updates and other good ideas that each one of us can learn from & follow! ... more

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  • May 30, 2019


Meena P Jun 27, 2019

Meena P Jul 7, 2019

@Meena P

One drop at a time and so many litres of water wasted due to leakage .. very informative video. Another fact is that lot of water is being used by industries and at construction sites and any wastage at such places should be avoided strictly and hopefully its being monitored.

Due to all this awareness being created, more efforts are being made towards rain water harvesting and most people are careful while using water.

Team ParentCircle Jul 8, 2019

@Meena P

Thank you so much for sharing this video, Meena. It a small endeavour from our end to increase awareness!

Rashmi Jul 2, 2019

We have taken some minor and major in order to deal with water scarcity
1- I water the plants with the left over water in school waterbottles
2- We avoid using washing machine for for clothes and instead the maid washes it manually
3- We do rain water harvesting and use the water for washing and gardening purposes.
4- We also collect discharged water from the AC and use it for soaking clothes.
5- We replace the leaking taps and make sure that wastage of water is minimal.
6- Bringing in a small change in daily routine like Switching of the water pump before it overflows and closing the tap while brushing.
Each drop makes an ocean
So start saving water from today and right now and be the change you want to see.

Kavita Mahesh Jul 4, 2019


This is beautifully penned, Rashmi. Concise and most importantly, doable.


I have few simple and effective ways of saving water . We do rain water harvesting.. I save waste RO water in a bucket and use it for washing clothes or watering plants as shown in pic... Use buckets for taking bath instead of showers... Also for brushing and shaving...

Keerthy Muthuraman Jun 4, 2019

It's been some months since we moved into Bangalore. While we are getting used to this busy city life, we have ensured to be minimalistic in our way of living in this new place. Certain steps that we have taken towards judicious water consumption is
- to stop using the shower, but to start using the buckets for bathing
- we ensure that all our taps are fixed and not leaking
- we recycle water and this water is used in our bathrooms, for gardening and for washing our vehicles
- We monitor our water consumptions on a daily basis so that it helps us understand where we can reduce the consumption
- we use the washing machine only when there is full load and not frequently with lesser loads.

Smitha.R P May 31, 2019

Steps taken by our family to save water
1) Reducing the use of washing machine that consume more water. If at all washing machine is used , collecting the drained water and using it for cleaning toilets.
2) Using water in mug instead of flush in toilets
3) Advising children not to waste water and use it carefully like saying them not to throw left out water in water bottles instead use it for plants .
4) Use bucket while cleaning vessels etc.
5) Avoiding use of shower baths or tub bath which consume lot of water.

Roopa M May 30, 2019

We've taken some steps to save water like:
*we are collecting the aqua guard waste water and use that to water plants and wash few things that need cleaning around the house. That water also can be used for cleaning the front of the house or mopping the floor.
* The water used for washing vegetables, rice, dal, and fruits also can be collected and used to water plants. We can find other uses for that water.
*Use buckets whenever necessary (to wash vehicles or bathing or water plants) instead of shower and hose pipe.
When it's become the need of the hour to save every drop, we try to be as careful as possible.
* Use water saving aerator, which are easily available for purchase online for all the taps in the house. This actually reduces the water flow by almost eighty percent, but water flow is good enough for use.