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    Pune Parents

    Share with us how pregnancy changed your life!

    Pune Parents

    Share with us how pregnancy changed your life!

    Pregnancy is a phase full of multiple emotions-joy,nervousness, confusion and excitement. Share with us how Pregnancy changed your life! ... more

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    • Aug 19 2019


    Rashmi Sep 3 2019

    Pregnancy transforms one s life completely. Pregnancy did change my life. First pregnancy was a very nice experience where most of my time was spent in my parent's place who had just returned from US after my elder sister's delivery. Most of my time was spent relaxing, talking to my baby, reading books, visiting doctor, going around shopping for the baby on the way . Lots of love and pampering were showered all around. It continued till I delivered a cute little chubby and plumpy baby girl who weighed 4 kgs. So my first pregnancy was a very sweet experience which I cherish till today. My second pregnancy was also an exciting experience where all three of us(my husband, me and my little daughter)were eagerly waiting for the arrival of a new member in the family. But not as relaxing as the first one because I had to take care of my first child and had the responsibility of maintaining the whole family because my mother in law had fallen ill. So I found it a bit difficult. Though my second pregnancy was a bit tiresome some how I managed to take rest and spend some quality time with my baby to arrive like my first pregnancy by eating healthy and all. Finally it all ended when I gave birth to a baby boy and we were all happy. To conclude both the pregnancies were a joyful experience.

    Satakshi Mehra Aug 27 2019

    I am a mother of a 5 month old beautiful baby boy. I enjoy every bit of being a mother and am pampered by my husband and family. But sometimes there are days when I feel that I look terrible after the weight gain and feel insecure. My husband is extremely supportive and cheers me up always, but I still feel low! Please tell me if it will get better?

    Satakshi Mehra Aug 27 2019

    @Satakshi Mehra Congratulations ! It's normal. Every woman goes through this phase if you ask all women, including our own moms and grand moms. Even the best looking moms, who look fine outwardly, will have the same feelings because the body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and childbirth. This is the time to get good rest, eat nutritious meals, be happy, bond with the baby, and enjoy all the pampering.

    With determination and discipline, you can get back your pre-pregnancy weight but don't rush and try to lose it all fast. Let it take a few weeks, or few months, which is ok. Always listen to your body and do the exercises that you can manage to do. Walking always is the best exercise. It takes some time but it can be done. All the Best :)

    Satakshi Mehra Aug 30 2019

    @Satakshi Mehra Dear Parent, congratulations on becoming a mommy! And yes, given all the big changes your body has gone through, the hormonal changes, the sleepless nights, the diaper routine and a hundred other things, you will naturally feel the way you do. Right now, your physical and emotional levels are stretched beyond comfort so its quite normal to feel down and out. Its really hard to see yourself look so different from your pre-pregnancy days. These hard-to-fight heightened feelings are mostly because of a lowered emotional threshold. Sometimes, there just isnt enough time and energy to take care of your basic needs, leave alone the grooming! Heres some reassurance its most likely a passing phase and you will begin to feel better. You can step that up by first accepting that its okay for you to feel the way you do. Acceptance takes away the guilt off feeling low. Seek guidance from your gynaecologist about starting a suitable exercise routine to restore muscle tone. And do not fall prey to the glamorous images of celebrity moms! They can really make you feel envious and unhappy with yourself. Its hard to appreciate your husbands support and the family pampering when you are struggling within yourself. Its best if you can make the effort to accept the realities of body changes and work with it or around it to regain your confidence. All the best!

    Team ParentCircle Aug 26 2019

    Pregnant women and new mothers are often teased for being confused and forgetful. Is the mommy brain for real? Read on to find out.

    PANNEER SELVAM Aug 23 2019

    7 Important Tips to Eating Healthy During Pregnancy
    Don't forget breakfast. ...
    Eat foods with fiber. ...
    Choose healthy snacks. ...
    Take a prenatal vitamin with iron and folic acid every day. ...
    Eat up to 12 ounces a week (2 average meals) of fish or shellfish. ...
    Stay away from soft cheeses and lunch meat.
    Limit caffeine and avoid Alcohal

    PANNEER SELVAM Aug 19 2019

    Pregnancy phase is truthfully a changing phase for me as a person. Each Day of this amazing journey has completely shifted the focus of my life and made me re-evaluate my goals. First Trimester from week 1 to week 12 changed my life from careless to caring person especially for the baby inside the womb. Second Trimester from week 13 to week 28 changed my life from procrastination to proper time management. Third Trimester from week 29 to week 40 changed my life from fearful to fearless, weak to strong, less confident to confident. This all transformation of life is for a wonderful treasure from Almighty whose only intention is to trust the process and have hope and faith. All is well on the other end of the fear.

    PANNEER SELVAM Aug 22 2019

    @PANNEER SELVAM How beautifully you have chronicled the journey of the baby within and your transformation as a person, as a woman to a mother. Lovely, Kanisha!

    PANNEER SELVAM Aug 22 2019

    @PANNEER SELVAM Thank you Team ParentCircle!

    Shabnam Desai Aug 21 2019

    Pregnancy the best period of life in womanhood. I had health issues so was hesitant to conceive. But at last after 7 years I conceived as delivered a baby boy. The joy of my life. Getting pregnant was a challenge and for me and everyday I prayed to God that I have a safe and normal delivery. The 1st 2 months were a little hectic as being a working woman I had to manage my personal life as well as my job. But later on it became a routine and a good one. I started reading a lot of literature, became a member of a site which gave me weekly updates and I knew what was going to come next in course during my trimester. I ate the best food, satisfied all my craving by cooking on my own. As I did not have anyone help and support excepted for my husband. As you know living in a nuclear family we need to be geared up for all eventuality .I started enjoying and being happy everyday and all time as I knew if I was happy and healthy my baby will grow without any problems. Pregnancy taught me how to schedule my entire day to keep the one inside me and myself healthy . It made me stronger too, to deal with various situations. I can proudly say that I went to work till the last day of my pregnancy.

    Shabnam Desai Aug 22 2019

    @Shabnam Desai Kudos for managing work and home so effortlessly. Enjoy parenting and keep motivating other parents in our communities!

    Urmila Aug 21 2019

    Urmila Aug 22 2019

    @Urmila Heartiest congratulations to you and your family, Urmila. Lovely pictures and wishing you All the Best for a safe delivery!

    Reema Gupta Garg Aug 21 2019

    My daughter into my life after 10 years came. And he was a pre mature baby so very delicate and precious for me. All through the pregnancy I had so many mod swings. I was not keeping well too but just one thing was making me happy that 2 little hands and 2 tiny feet are coming to complete my family. Being a mother is not what you gave up to have a child, but what you've gained from having one. The day when I was in labor pains I was crying so badly but when I cuddled my daughter in my arms all pain just vanished away. The journey of my motherhood is lovely.

    Reema Gupta Garg Aug 22 2019

    @Reema Gupta Garg How heartwarming, Reema! It is indeed an unexplainable feeling. Keep sharing your journey through your lovely words!

    Neena Qureshi Aug 20 2019

    Pregnancy has been a blissful period in my life. My first pregnancy was a mix of apprehensions and excitement. I am pregnant for the second time. My son is 7.5 now and he, my husband, in-laws and parents are pampering me immensely. I will be delivering in October and indeed it has been a beautiful journey, with lesser tension than last time and more joy. I am also on an extended sabbatical on the professional front so that I can spend maximum time with my children.

    Neena Qureshi Aug 22 2019

    @Neena Qureshi Have avery safe delivery, Neena. May the new bundle of joy brighten your lives further. Heartiest congratulations to your entire family!