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    All about Nutrition!

    Share with us healthy oats & millet recipes!

    All about Nutrition!

    Share with us healthy oats & millet recipes!

    Healthy, tasty and nutritious - Oats and Millets are fun. Share some mouthwatering recipes with us! ... more

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    • Sep 17 2019


    Santoshbangar Oct 10 2019

    @Santoshbangar Really love all the recipes that you have shared. They are easy and healthy. Thanks for sharing:)

    Santoshbangar Oct 1 2019

    @Santoshbangar Brilliant Recipe, Santosh. So innovative, tasty and yet loaded with nutients. Such a healthy option! :)

    Uzma khan Sep 30 2019

    Uzma khan Sep 30 2019

    Uzma khan Sep 30 2019

    Uzma khan Sep 30 2019

    Debarati Roy Sep 30 2019

    Neeru gupta Sep 21 2019

    Neeru gupta Sep 23 2019

    @Neeru gupta I just love how beautifully you have explained the recipe. It is so innovative and I think a great way to introduce oats and millets to children. Thank you so much for sharing this!! :) :)

    Neeru gupta Sep 24 2019

    @Neeru gupta Thank u so much

    Brishti Ghosh Sep 17 2019

    @Brishti Ghosh What an innovative dish. Will have to try it out .Thanks for sharing.

    Brishti Ghosh Sep 20 2019

    @Brishti Ghosh Wow! This is so tasty. I must try this for breakfast this weekend! Easy to do yet tasty!!

    Brishti Ghosh Sep 20 2019

    @Brishti Ghosh Very unique and looks appetizing ! Looks like bread sandwich but its not. Must try.

    Hem Lata Srivastava Sep 19 2019

    @Hem Lata Srivastava This looks so appetizing and is easy to do. As parents of young children, always in need of new tiffin ideas. Will give this a shot!

    Mousumi Biswas Sep 17 2019

    @Mousumi Biswas Looks so delicious and tasted good too

    Mousumi Biswas Sep 18 2019

    @Mousumi Biswas Thank you

    Rajamani Revauthi Sep 17 2019

    Oats pizza ,ootizzaaa

    Does your child like pizza? Heres a smart recipe to feed them oats pizza with lots of veggies


    For dough:

    Oats powdered or Oats flour cup

    Wheat flour cup

    Salt to taste

    For topping:

    Tomatoes (blanched, deskinned and grounded to paste) -2 Tbsn

    Red chillies (soaked in water and made to paste)-2 Tbsn

    Capsicum /Bell peppers(red, yellow, green) sliced - 1 each

    Jalapenos few

    Paneer (grated) - cup

    Oregano powder-1 Tbsn

    Onion sliced- cup


    1) Make a dough of Powdered Oats and Wheat Flour with adequate water and salt just like the way you dough prepare for Chapatis. Allow it to rest for 20 minutes.

    2) Make a round ball out of the dough and flatten it and roll it like chapathi.

    3) Heat a tawa, cook the flattened, rolled like chapathi on both sides well- This is the Base for the pizza.

    4) Now place the cooked base on a dish, apply the blanched, ground tomato paste, then the chilly paste well on the upper side of the pizza base.

    5) Layer it up with colourful capsicum, bell peppers,onions, jalapeos, and on top of all these veggies, just layer it up with the lavish amount of grated paneer.

    6) Finally, splash it up with Oregano powder, little bit of salt and bake it in the oven for five minutes.

    Your delicious Pizza with a dashing spread of paneer is all set to eat. Yummilicious..!

    Rajamani Revauthi Sep 17 2019

    @Rajamani Revauthi Amazing recipe of oatizza...My daughter would surely love it! Panneer adds to the icing on this special dish. Thanks for sharing

    Hem Lata Srivastava Sep 17 2019

    @Hem Lata Srivastava Your dish looks yummy and the method is so elaborately explained by you. Thank you and will definitely give it a try.

    Shannon Almeida Sep 17 2019

    @Shannon Almeida Wow ..It's a really healthy and easy recipe .Thanks for sharing.

    Mousumi Biswas Sep 17 2019

    I use oats instead of maida to thicken soups