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    Share special moments spent with children with autism or special needs!


    Share special moments spent with children with autism or special needs!

    We've all had memorable instances with children. Their simple gestures and heartwarming smiles melt every soul. So, share special moments spent with children with autism or special needs. ... more

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    • Aug 8 2019


    Sayoni Mondal Aug 9 2019

    Let me take this opportunity to pen down my observations on Autism or special need children. This topic reminded me of Taare Zameen Par Movie where each and every child is unique and is gifted by GOD. Here, parents with understanding and maturity serves their children lives effectively whereas immature, comparisons, complainers, criticisers and negative perception Parents hurt their child mentality tremendously. Parents from that child when turns into adult is then lost, aimless and curses himself/herself that may result into mental instability. I believe that in education it should be taught to take one own's responsibility courageously instead of craming the subjects that are not vital in pratical living. Child are having extraordinary qualities but sharp observations of parents and teachers are required to assess their qualities instead of comparison, devaluing and discriminating children.

    Sayoni Mondal Aug 9 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal Very well-put, Kanisha. Parents and teachers play a very vital role in the entire process.

    Sayoni Mondal Aug 9 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal Thank you Team ParentCircle for appreciating my work!

    Roopa M Aug 8 2019

    During my time as part of the Rotaract club, every year, on November 14th, I visited the Spastic society, whichs a school for kids of all ages who are differently abled. Our club spent the entire day with the children over there. We reached their school around 10 am, sang a bhajan during assembly and then, rhymes. Then their lessons would start in their respective classrooms.

    Each of us was assigned to one or two children in a classroom. We would be scattered all over the school.
    Through out the day, we watched, participated and helped the teacher. We also got to learn how the teacher taught and took care of them. I felt lucky to help the child I was assigned to with the alphabet, numbers, counting, colour, and new words, and I would follow all the instructions given by the teacher.
    Some kids were old enough to be in higher grades but due to their capacity, they learnt at a different pace. They learnt basic things that would help them to get through life. That was the main focus. There were some who tried very hard to finish schooling like a normal tenth standard but it took them time to get to the stage when they would be ready to attempt an exam. To finish high school, they could take twenty five years or more but thats an achievement and the effort they put in learning life skills was highly commendable.

    Another thing I had noticed was that they wouldnt care how much time they spent on an activity; they loved to continue doing what they did and if they didnt like something, they expressed that very clearly. The teacher taught them with lot of patience and sometimes repeated the lesson multiple times.

    During lunch time, we ate with them. What seemed like normal activity for us, was very difficult for most of them. So some kids spilt while drinking, some tried to eat with spoon and some needed to be fed and taught how to eat by themselves.
    A small thought and sad feeling would cross my mind as why, why they had to be so different and how blessed one should feel if they had health and a good family.

    The teacher said that there were families who unfortunately thought of such kids as burden and looked at their life as a punishment from God. There were good parents who cared and gave their child a lot of love too.

    In the evening, we shared snacks, balloons, and biscuits with them.
    We sang some more songs if there was time.

    One thing that is etched in my mind is that those kids got attached to us very easily. At the end of the day, they didnt want to let go of us. There was this kid who hugged me and held my hand so tightly that she wanted me to stay and not say bye. I had spent the entire day with her, so she had got attached to me.

    Every visit there has been a very memorable one for me. I remember each kids face vividly. One time, there were twin boys with some spinal problem, who were moody on and off the entire day. They wanted us to stay longer and it felt nice to know that. We had seen them crying loudly in the afternoon. The ayah and the teacher had to take them out in the fresh air to calm them down.

    It felt nice to receive so much love from them. Ill never forget the hugs and smiles they gave us. They had made us feel so special and wanted, by treating us all like special guests to their school.
    Its a very special feeling. I am glad to share this experience with all.

    Roopa M Aug 9 2019

    @Roopa M This is so heartening, Roopa. Thank you so much for taking the pain to share your experience so lucidly.