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    @Team ParentCircle This truly is hilarious. I do not agree all that she has written but since it is her personal experience I am no one to judge cause every experience is different. But a very honest piece.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 27 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Oh wow! I too loved reading it. And, as Vicky said, each person's experience is different and we must respect that.

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    Monica Dhawan Oct 3 2019

    I have resumed work after an extended 8 month maternity leave. However, I feel my baby has become less energetic and lively ever since I have started work. Though I work as a teacher and have about 7 hours of work time, I think my absence is affecting him. What should I do, please suggest?

    Monica Dhawan Oct 3 2019

    @Monica Dhawan Hi, I would like to suggest something. If possible, one of these days take a break from work/school, and observe how he spends his day in order to get a feel of how he is in your absence.
    Does he have a set routine, a structured day thats being monitored by the caretaker... Does he have regular nap times.. Does he eat well?
    He might be missing you but other than that, just watch him to find out if hes missing something. Does his caregiver comfort him, play with him, provide him all the love and care he deserves.. for instance -simple things make a huge difference - a mom usually responds to the baby without delay as soon as it gives a cry for food or diaper change or whatever the need is, and comforts the baby. A slight change also can affect the baby.

    Make sure he has his favourite music, toys and all other important fun things easily available with the caregiver. Lack of sleep or hunger as a result of not eating enough, also can make the baby little tired.
    Simple games and activities like blowing soap bubbles,a relaxing bath, playing baby music, going out for walks, and playing with other children with some adult supervision, are all some of the things the caregiver can try.
    Give clear instructions to your family and caregiver as what can be done to make the babys day as fun and structured as possible.
    As they grow, babies change and your little one will get used to not having you around during the day like before. Its a matter of time before he adapts and learns to enjoy his day.
    You can call him or video call him and surprise him during the day when possible.
    Whenever you are home, spend quality time with him, enjoy his developmental stages, and give him lot of hugs. Hope very soon he is energetic and active and you can be at peace that everything is fine. All the Best:)

    Monica Dhawan Oct 4 2019

    @Monica Dhawan I feel you are missing him more! Babies actually at the age of 7 months or more start recognising their moms and become clingy. Don't worry dear , they outgrow this stage. They wail when they see you leaving them but then it's only for a short time. They can be easily consoles and distracted as well. As far as you say that he is losing weight , its not because you are not there 24/7 but because after 6 months kids start growing and becoming more active and get leaner n leaner. Its quite natural . You just need to give him some time to adjust and all will be fine. There will be some guilt conscious on your part but every mom has it. It will be fine as hd grows up?! Cheers

    Shobhna Dutta Sep 16 2019

    I am a new mother to a beautiful baby boy. How can I gradually get back to a more routined life like before without compromising on my child's well-being. It is nearly six months and I feel a well-scheduled life was a thing of the past!

    Shobhna Dutta Sep 16 2019

    @Shobhna Dutta Hi, life definitely changes after a baby. You can plan your daily routine slowly in a few weeks because the baby will eventually start sleeping through the night, slowly eat solid food along with milk and have regular nap times.
    You will be able to approximately fix the babys breakfast time, lunchtime, snack time, nap time, playtime and bedtime. This will help you to organise your schedule better.

    After childbirth, as a mom, the newborn becomes your first priority and taking care of the baby and yourself is definitely a time consuming process. Your schedule will revolve and depend mostly on your babys needs. For instance, a new baby feeds more often in the early weeks, needs burping, wakes up every few hrs, needs nappy changes, has more doctor appointments, and needs your cuddles and hugs. So it does feel like a regular day like before is a thing of the past. Since your baby is six months old, soon you will be able to plan your day in a better way as days go by.

    More than time management , its sometimes energy management that is challenging for new moms, which could be due to lack of sleep or workload.
    Plan your day and plan your week ahead of time but take it easy and take it slow.
    Try not to fit too many activities into your day.
    Try to prioritise your work and delegate some work to others if you have help. Accept any help that comes your way.
    Babies grow very fast and these are the most precious days for you. Cherish these moments and enjoy your time with your baby. Its fun to watch and note down all the developmental stages. Hope this helps. All the best :)

    Shobhna Dutta Sep 17 2019

    @Shobhna Dutta Dear Parent, congratulations on becoming a new mommy. While you have heartily welcomed your beautiful boy into this world, you have also had to say goodbye to a lifestyle you had comfortably settled into gain some, lose some!! Tough isnt it? Chin up, for your little one is already 6 months old and growing. And yes, you are now ready to bring back the sanity and pace back into your life.
    The key is to save the good memories from your earlier routine. Life has changed, so do create a new routine that accommodates your own needs (me time), the needs of your family, in that order. Because when you take good care of yourself and your needs, you will have the physical and emotional energy to thrive as a parent.
    Next, get to know how your child will grow and develop and what you can do along with him. This is important for building a strong bond with your child. Here is a link to some good information on why relationships are so important for the well-being of your child: https://developingchild.harvard.edu/science/key-concepts/serve-and-return/
    Your son will be developing an important emotional attachment to you. This is important for him to feel that you are his safe haven, that you are there to comfort him, delight in him and look after his needs. His physical needs are more easily and readily met. The emotional bond must be nurtured as he grows. Make sure that you pay great attention to this aspect to ensure his well-being.
    If you plan to get back to work or pursue your interests, build a good support system at home your parents, in-laws, house-help, day-care. And welcome offers to help from friends and family. Whenever you leave your home to go out, let him know. This helps your son build trust in you. On your return, reconnect with him (carry, hug, cuddle, smile) before you proceed to do anything else. It takes only a few meaningful moments to build quality into your relationship.
    No two days may ever be the same, no matter how well-planned they may be so do be ready to adapt to the unpredictable and accept it as part of raising a child. Schedules can go haywire sometimes. Its your ability to adapt to change that will help you through those trying times. And most importantly, your son is watching your every move and action, your expressions and words he is learning from you. Your own well-being will in turn impact your sons well-being. Enjoy your baby and yourself!

    Shobhna Dutta Sep 25 2019

    @Shobhna Dutta I too feel that being a mother of a 9 month old kid, my routine has gone topsy turvy. Initially I was quite perturbed, but now I have embraced the new schedule rather the unplanned occurrences as my current 'routine.' Believe me it is so much fun. Specially seeing your little one grow up before your eyes and the satisfaction you get for being around the little one during his precious moments is incomparable.
    Enjoy motherhood. Shobhna, Cheers!

    Team ParentCircle Sep 24 2019

    Cow milk has a high nutritional value. But is it safe for infants? Find out about cow milk for babies, its various health benefits, side effects and the type most suitable for your little one.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 16 2019

    Is there a right age for a man to become a father? Musings of an entrepreneur and a hands-on father...

    Team ParentCircle Sep 19 2019

    @Team ParentCircle What a Great Article! An honest confession from a dad. Parenting really is a roller-coaster ride but the thrills are just too good to be missed.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 11 2019

    Is your heart racing because soon someone will call you Dad? Congratulations! You are starting a new phase of life. Here are some tried-and-tested tips for a smooth take-off into fatherhood.

    Meena P Aug 28 2019

    My sister has a 3 month old daughter and she is planning to buy a pacifier for her as my sister will resume work soon. I am against pacifiers. Do you think it is advisable to opt for one, especially when my niece is just 3 months old?

    Team ParentCircle Aug 23 2019

    Books are great instruments to build a childs creativity and imagination. Here is a list of some of the best first books for your baby that she will enjoy and you will love to read to her.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 26 2019

    @Team ParentCircle This is so well-curated. Loved the suggestions and it is such a lovely way to introduce the wonderful world of words to children!

    Jyoti Gupta Aug 12 2019

    If using "walker" is a good choice, to help a 10 months old baby, to learn walking easily? Or are there some better tried and tested ways to help the baby to learn walking.

    Jyoti Gupta Aug 14 2019

    @Jyoti Gupta

    Jyoti Gupta Aug 21 2019

    @Jyoti Gupta We introduced the use of walker when our child was about 9 months. She actually enjoyed the process and learnt to walk quickly. Some older people suggested that she will become dependent on it, but by the time she ushered her first birthday she was strutting around the house without support!

    Jyoti Gupta Aug 22 2019

    @Jyoti Gupta Many doubts arouse during parenting. This is an obvious question about the use of walkers for babies. Some years ago walkers were used by many parents. But nowadays elders at home object the use of walkers. According to them it's a forceful way of making the child walk. it is also said that forceful walking makes the tender feet of a child little bent. It is better to consult a pediatrician about this. I had a confusion so I thought it's better to allow the child to walk on its own. So I didn't use walker for both my children.

    Rani Lakshmi Jul 24 2019

    Share how you all spent your maternity period/ break, your experiences and feelings during this period.

    Rani Lakshmi Jul 29 2019

    @Rani Lakshmi During my maternity break, I decided to consistently write a daily diary and feelings check. I documented every kick, every scan, every pain and every joy. Going through those pages still brings back lovely memories of my pregnancy and the way I accepted and loved myself thereafter!

    Rani Lakshmi Jul 31 2019

    @Rani Lakshmi My maternity break was all about bonding with my baby. Also, me and my husband got closer to one another than before. We understood each other better without even uttering a word. He was stood by me like a rock and that made postpartum a beautiful experience for me. My parents and in-laws were also very very supportive and learnt a lot from them. In short it was a very memorable journey.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 12 2019

    If you are filled with questions like 'can babies hear in the womb? or what is the best classical music for a babys brain development?, then read on to learn more about your newborns hearing!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 23 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Good read!!

    Mehek Chauhan Jul 15 2019

    How can new moms better utilize their break post pregnancy? It's almost a year since I took a break for my baby and would like to know how best mommies can utilize this period personally and professionally.

    Mehek Chauhan Jul 15 2019

    @Mehek Chauhan Every minute spent with the baby is worth it and precious for both of you. You are fortunate to have taken this break as there are moms who might not be able to take this most wanted break for various reasons.

    During this break, whenever you find some time:
    You can stay up to date with whats happening with the job market and in your field of career.
    Enjoy your hobbies. Paint, sing, dance, cook new dishes etc., and do all that you always wanted to do and didnt have enough time for due to your job.
    Learn something that you always wanted to learn. Internet is a great source of information.
    You can even take up 1-2 hr lessons if time permits
    Connect with other moms and hang out with them for potlucks or just tea. Its nice to have fun with moms who can understand each other as they all would be in the same boat. Exchange info with them and also the kids can have an informal play date.
    Spend time with your siblings, aunts or uncles or anybody whom you couldnt usually meet during the week due to your job.
    Time flies and we miss spending time with so many people over the years. So make the best of your time trying to connect with elders, cousins and friends.
    - Speak to your baby as much as possible, play baby music, play with her, take her for walks etc., For babies, their mom is their world. They feel great just having their mom around -they love to hear their voice, see them, being in their arms, and to have them care for them.
    - Just relaxing and enjoying the silence also feels great and you will feel recharged and energetic.
    Enjoy your break:) All the best

    Mehek Chauhan Jul 15 2019

    @Mehek Chauhan Congratulations for entering into a new phase call "Motherhood". A break with the baby is the most amazing period and by spending lot of money you won't be able to get that moment back. As per my perspective, best mommies utilise this period in living in this moment, enjoying with baby, enjoying hobbies like writing, singing, reading,etc, most important is to be happy and have a peaceful mind.

    Mehek Chauhan Jul 17 2019

    @Mehek Chauhan Hi Mehek! Enjoy this period to the fullest as you wouldn't know when you'll get such a break. I remember my wife, she made sure she did all that she couldn't do in her corporate job. She used to paint, dance, do yoga, do gardening and read stories for our baby. She made sure she still stayed in touch with her colleagues and her area of expertise. She enrolled in a few online courses and did them in her own time. She was updated with the news and she enjoyed spending time with family. So relax, and do things at your own pace. Happy parenting!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 2 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Very useful video. My sister and I were having a discussion over the very same topic as she gave birth to a baby only a month back and we were looking at the pros and cons of disposable and cloth diapers. I shall share this video with her.

    Rani Lakshmi Jun 12 2019

    I traveled in the flight for over 11 hours along with my 7-month-old and my champ broke into a crying spree for a continuous 45 - 50 mins during the journey. This is a moment where i was greatly embarrassed and overwhelmed as I was constantly trying out ways to make him not cry but nothing worked. It was only after 50 mins when he became tired of crying and started coughing and stopped and went to sleep. Those several minutes were like hell as I received those stares from mostly everyone on the flight, the air hostesses were visiting me and my child several times, I had to walk down towards the loo and try everything to make him feel ok... I still don't know why he cried so much and wouldn't stop, but for all those stares I received, I wonder if they'd never been in such situations. How do i deal with it? if any of you have also experienced similar situations in any public place, share how you dealt with it.

    Rani Lakshmi Jun 17 2019

    @Rani Lakshmi Thank you for bringing this to light! There have been several times where I and my family have been annoyed by babies cry and screams during travels and now your message has been a huge eye opener to me. Empathy is something we all lack most of the times even during daily activities and things that happen in our environment. When I read your message, it really struck me and in a lot of small ways, we all lose empathy towards others around us. Thanks for making me more aware about this and I had never been cognisant about what the mother feels like during such travels with her new born.

    Rani Lakshmi Jun 23 2019

    @Rani Lakshmi Travelling long distance in a flight with Little Champ is extremely courageous task. You did it! Proud of you! 7 month old kid is too small to travel by Airplane.I think, the reason he unstoppably cried might be Kids ears are more susceptible to feeling pressure changes than adult ears also the change in air pressure. Air hostess are though kind enough to take care of mother and kid by their frequent visits. My recommendation is the best way to travel by airplane with a kid is once they start speaking and explaining the things in their baby language.

    Rani Lakshmi Jun 24 2019

    @Rani Lakshmi Dear parent, at some point or another every mother goes through what you went through in that 11-hour long flight! Crying babies are the most common sight worldwide, and despite the stares you got, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We cant always decode the reason for a baby's discomfort- it could be the air pressure, or fatigue, or hunger, or sleepiness, or simply being in unfamiliar surroundings that could cause a baby to howl and wail. There are still a few things you could do (if you haven't tried them already) to help your baby:
    1. Stick to your baby's schedule when travelling: Do your best to keep your baby's schedule (especially nap times) as normal as possible when flying.
    2. Feed your baby during take-off or landing: Both nursing and bottle feeding helps ease the air pressure in the baby's ears (which can cause pain).
    3. Pack your baby's security items: Don's forget to pack your baby's familiar items of use, such as her blanket, or her favourite stuffed toy, in your hand baggage.
    4. Surprise your baby: Pack in additional never-before-played-with items to surprise and delight your baby. Anything from a board book to a new musical toy (though ensure that it has an adjustable volume button!).
    5. Play games: Simple games such as peek-a-boo or lets-pick-up-the-rice-puffs one by one will work for your 7 month old and keep him engaged.
    And lastly, ignore the stares and snide remarks. Though no one likes dirty stares from passengers, the best thing you can do to soothe your baby is to keep calm. The more stressed out you become, the less likely your baby will be consoled. All the best for your future flights!

    Mehek Chauhan Jun 19 2019

    From what age can we start using a feeding bottle for an infant? Any recommendations for safe and verified feeding bottles?

    Mehek Chauhan Jun 19 2019

    @Mehek Chauhan Dear parent, that is a very valid question as there is controversy over the use of feeding bottles for infants. Below are some guidelines put together by us at ParentCircle that will help you understand the whys and hows of using feeding bottles for babies:
    1. Feeding bottles, if they are BPA-free, are 100% safe to use for infants. However, this doesnt mean they are the best way to feed your baby. This is because of 2 reasons: a) direct breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby, over and above expressing or pumping breastmilk and formula-feeding (both of which are fed through a feeding bottle), and b) there is evident concern over the risk of diarrhoea in infants due to the bacterial transmission if the bottles are not sterilised adequately.
    2. Good alternatives to feeding bottles are a cup and spoon and the traditional Indian feeding device called 'paladai'.
    3. Even if you are using feeding bottles, it is better to go for glass or silicone or stainless steel bottles, instead of plastic ones (even the ones that are BPA-free). As far as teats or nipples are concerned, it is preferable to use natural rubber ones instead of synthetic latex ones. Both bottles and nipples should be changed every 3 months.
    4. It is important to sterilise the feeding bottles thoroughly 'after every use' by either boiling them in water for 15 minutes or using an electric steriliser machine.
    5. Don't ever let the baby fall sleep with the bottle in his mouth, as bedtime bottles can lead to tooth decay. Also, throw away any unused milk or formula after you have finished bottle feeding your baby.
    6. Use of feeding bottles should be strictly stopped after the baby is 1 year of age. After that, milk should be offered in an open glass preferably or a sippy cup.
    There are a variety of safe feeding bottles in the market to choose from. Some brands are Philips Avent, Chicco, MeeMee, Fisher Price, and Pigeon.

    Mehek Chauhan Jun 23 2019

    @Mehek Chauhan Hello Parent, Are you working? If yes, then feeding bottle is preferable but I think instead of plastic bottles, try to choose bottles made of glass or stainless steal. If no, then try to feed directly to your infant. Reason is there's enough evidence that baby bottles may not be safe if they are made with a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). BPA was used in the plastic of many baby bottles, to help make them clear and shatterproof. Very tiny amounts of BPA can leak from a plastic bottle into milk. This may cause several disease to infants.

    Vicky Apr 4 2019

    My baby is 9 months old and I am a stay at home mother now. Earlier, I was working as a lecturer, but post the birth of my baby, I have taken a sabbatical from work. I enjoy motherhood, but lately, with my husband I feel our discussions are always about our child. He is a very supportive man, however, I feel that something is amiss in our relationship. Please suggest how we can improve communication between us and get back the lost spark

    Vicky Apr 8 2019

    @Vicky Hello Vicky!

    I resonate a lot with you. I faced a similar situation and this is how I dealt with it.

    1. I started distracting my thoughts and started doing more of my hobbies when he is not around. I had also taken a break from work and that's also a time when we start thinking a lot. Distracting your mind does help in over complicating things.

    2. More ME Times! This really helps you in organizing your time, thoughts, interests and passions! This can be clubbed with more times with your hubby as well.

    3. Conversations! These are the key elements of a better relationship. Be the conversation starter with your husband and talk more about yourself and your times together. Make weekend plans and if you are not able to move out of the home, plan for home parties, date nights and movie nights.

    4. Do things together - Be it a simple house chore or a puzzle or cleaning or doing things you like doing. More the time together, better the relationship!

    These really brought out significant change. And do not worry...!

    Vicky Apr 8 2019

    @Vicky Your suggestions are so pertinent. I am facing a similar situation after the birth of my second child. It was not the case after the birth of my first one. But lately muy husband has become very busy with his work. I am working too. So somewhere I feel very unpleasant and unhappy. Though I am actually thankful for having such a lovely family and children, something keeps bothering me. Mehek, I shall try doing the things suggested by you. I was so passionate about Kathak, but for nearly 3 years now, I haven't practised dance, and I feel terrible. I shall resume it soon. Thanks for the motivation!

    Vicky Apr 10 2019

    @Vicky Very nice suggestions.. This is something many of us experience at some point of time..

    As a family/ couple, we make a lot of memories over the years that last a lifetimeBefore the kids arrived, there were memorable events like wedding day, the first restaurant we visited together, favourite holiday destination, favourite moments spent together on weekends or at the cinemas or other little special memories that can make us nostalgic. Life is definitely different before kids.

    Life keeps changing and once children are born, the focal point of our discussion is mostly everything related to kids.. I have heard this from many moms. Our workload also increases. With more responsibility on our shoulders, we become busy with managing our time and energy. We do feel like something is missing sometimes and definitely we need Me time which will keep us productive and happy.

    Time flies but we must try to continue to create special memories.. When you both are free, over a cup of tea maybe, make efforts to start a fun conversation.. For instance, ask if he wants to show you his school or college again or any favourite childhood place and he might just love to talk endlessly and narrate many past or current interesting events and speak about how much he misses those golden days. Just be creative and speak about what interests him. Make the most of whatever time you spend together by keeping the conversation light.

    Communication is not just talking as the counsellor had mentioned in one of the replies. Little moments and little gestures matter a lot..like maybe cooking together, enjoying a walk together without children, and so on. We moms feel guilty to spend time away from kids but some little outing without them should be ok and helps in improving communication. Chances are we might still end up talking a little about kids when away from them but that should be ok and thats inevitable sometimes.. Parents are like that:) . All the Best!

    Vicky Jun 23 2019

    @Vicky Hello, Happy Motherhood! You are doing a great job! After a kid, our life is a new birth where we have to completely forget about our expectations. I mean here that it is good to spend ME Time and self-care instead of expecting it from our spouse or family members. To improve communication, it's advantageous to select a good time and talk about personal feelings.

    Team ParentCircle May 8 2019

    My 10 month old baby is very much attracted to television, mobile etc. She immediately stops whatever she is doing when she sees the TV or mobile. The colours and sounds attract her I think and sometimes even after switching off the TV, she starts crying. Is this normal? Sometimes, she cries so much that she develops cold.

    Team ParentCircle May 22 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Hey this is normal and my children were also like this when they were even 3 - 4 months. If you feel it is going out of control, then you should figure out what is making her do that. It is normal for babies to look at colours and sounds with awe. Give them some time and they will get used to it.

    Team ParentCircle May 22 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Yes, it's normal as my children also did the same. If you feel that it's becoming a problem for some reason, then, slowly distract her before you switch off the TV. Since she cries too much, before you switch off the TV, draw her attention to a different interesting object or take her out of the room and switch it off without her knowledge. You cannot reason with a 10 month old, so manage her, keep her calm and happy. As she grows older, she will change and these are all temporary phases. All the Best :)

    Team ParentCircle May 29 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you! I shall try doing what you suggested.

    Team ParentCircle May 29 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you

    Team ParentCircle May 30 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Dear Parent, screens are definitely attractive to young and old alike! As much as screens have become an everyday part of our lives, they carry serious issues especially for young children. For example, sleep disturbance, vision impairments, as well as impact on brain, reflected in lower attention, and difficulties in thinking and language. WHO guidelines recommend keeping children under 2 years of age totally screen-free. To keep your baby away from screens, you could try the following:

    Keep all screens off and away from the child. If she sees you fiddling with your phone or watching TV yourself, she is bound to get attracted. Instead, use your phone or watch TV when she is napping or is away.
    Keep her engaged in activities such as reading, singing, or playing with blocks. Give her outdoor time by taking her to a playground or park nearby everyday.
    Don't use screens during mealtimes, such as to feed her using distraction or to scroll through your phone during meals. Switch off the TV during mealtimes and sit as a family and talk and eat together. Also, switch off TV when its not being watched by anyone.
    If she does see your phone or TV, turn it off immediately and engage her in play. Initially she may cry and make a fuss. Dont give in.
    It may be difficult for you initially because you will also have to make changes in your family- use the phone less, have specific times for watching TV, no gadgets during meal times and after going to bed, and stop using screens to keep your child engaged. But it will be easier for your child to understand this as she grows up when you set a clear example in your home. All the best!

    Team ParentCircle Jun 7 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you so much for your suggestions. Being a new mother I am always so concerned with minute things that such support and advice really helps.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 23 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Hello, today's kids are fascinated with the gadgets. It is quiet normal for today's generation kid to easily dwell into colourful activities and that too audio-visual. I understand your hesitation, but by patiently handling the kid with love and proper communication she will listen and act according to your way.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 2 2019

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    Whats in a name? Quite a bit, apparently. It can play an important role in defining your childs identity. We tell you how to avoid hassles when picking a name and what to do if you need to change it

    Team ParentCircle Feb 26 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you for this Video. My lo sleeps after every feed. But, as soon as I put her on my shoulder to burp she wakes up and becomes very fussy. Putting her back to sleep is quite challenging. Any pointers to help her get back to sleep. Have tried rocking, singing, shushing and everything that I know.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 20 2019

    We live in an era where modern fathers are ever-so-involved and hands-on. So, the question is, why not paternity leave for Dads?

    Team ParentCircle Feb 15 2019

    I am a new mother. My son was born 21 days ago. I really love my son, but I feel very tired and irritated sometimes. I do not even have time to take a bath properly and feel very frustrated. My doctor said I have postpartum depression. How long will it stay and when can I really spend a good time with my baby?

    Team ParentCircle Feb 15 2019

    @Team ParentCircle The birth of a baby brings with it a roller coaster of mixed emotions ranging from joy to fear. But, one unexpected emotion could be depression. And, what's more, any new mother is susceptible to it!

    Team ParentCircle Feb 15 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Hi, Congratulations!
    Due to lack of sleep and all the tiredness due to childbirth, it's natural to feel tired and little irritated especially if you don't have enough help. First 3-5 months are meant for recovering and bonding with the baby. Make sure you eat well, sleep whenever possible, and enjoy your baby. These days fly very fast!

    If you have been diagnosed with post partum depression, then, probably the doc must have spoken about care and treatment. Please follow through and wish you a speedy recovery.

    Daily schedule does change so much with a newborn in the house and you will feel fluctuations in energy level. It's Ok to take a bath when you feel like during the day. It's just a temporary phase.
    Once you get your full 7-8 hrs of sleep through the night and your energy back, everything will change.
    Make sure somebody helps you during the day with chores, cooking, and other help that you might need.
    All the Best!

    Team ParentCircle Feb 20 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Thanks a lot for your answer Roopa. We are sure it will help our reader in her journey of motherhood.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 14 2019

    Use this guide to choose the safest stroller for your baby.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Such awesome video. Im be new mom in 1 month, very excited and nrvus.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 6 2019

    Do you love sharing adorable pictures of your kid on the Internet, in various moods and situations? Be aware. Here is our guide to images that should not make their way into social network sites

    Team ParentCircle Feb 4 2019

    Do you know that a cleft lip is not due to an accident or injury, but it is a birth defect? This article looks at the types, causes, diagnoses of birth defects including possible ways of prevention.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 28 2019

    The first 24 hours after the baby is born can be an overwhelming experience for the parents. Our expert shares a list of dos and donts that new parents must make a note of during this period.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 22 2019

    Do you know that you can have a pre-term baby due to poor nutrition before and during pregnancy? One in 13 babies are born pre-maturely. This article looks at how to care for them.

    Suriyaprabha Jan 21 2019

    As there is no separate place for breastfeeding, it is difficult to handle the child. Calm and hygience atmosphere is required to feed the child. If the surrounding place is noisy, child also feels very uncomfortable in position and keeps crying continuously and also unhygienic atomosphere affects child's health.

    Suriyaprabha Jan 21 2019

    @Suriyaprabha Thanks for your inputs, Suriya. It is true that a calm and sanitized place is extremely essential for breastfeeding mothers to feed their little ones.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 18 2019

    All mothers should have access to the comfort of breastfeeding rooms in public spaces so that they do not face embarrassment. This is what lawyer-couple Neha and Animesh Rastogi are fighting for.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 18 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Share your thoughts on the need for comfortable public spaces for breastfeeding mothers to feed their baby. We would love to know what you feel on this issue which is seldom addressed.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 16 2019

    For a flustered parent, it is easy to make mistakes when giving your child medicines. Want to avoid such a disaster? Check out these guidelines from our expert.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 11 2019

    With the excitement of childbirth, comes a plethora of new experiences and responsibilities. Here are some pregnancy and birth related words to help first-time parents. Read to know more, click here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/new-words-you-need-to-know-when-having-a-baby/

    Team ParentCircle Jan 11 2019

    @Team ParentCircle With the excitement of childbirth, comes a plethora of new experiences and responsibilities. Here are some pregnancy and birth related words to help first-time parents

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    Are you an expectant mother? Do you wonder what your baby is up to, apart from all that kicking, of course? Well, you might be surprised to know that your baby is learning quite a few things. To read more, click here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/what-babies-learn-in-the-womb/

    Team ParentCircle Jan 9 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Are you an expectant mother? Do you wonder what your baby is up to, apart from all that kicking, of course? Well, you might be surprised to know that your baby is learning quite a few things.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 7 2019

    Every baby needs a name there's no way around it! From Kalindi to Aruvi, Vihaan to Izhaan, Emma to Hima, here are suggestions for baby names that we predict will soar up the charts in 2019. Click here to know more https://www.parentcircle.com/article/popular-baby-names-for-2019/

    Team ParentCircle Jan 7 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Every baby needs a name there's no way around it! From Kalindi to Aruvi, Vihaan to Izhaan, Emma to Hima, here are suggestions for baby names that we predict will soar up the charts in 2019.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 3 2019

    TV is a source of entertainment and information. As a result, it has now become an inseparable part of every home. However, it isnt good for babies and toddlers to watch TV.

    Read on to learn more >>> https://www.parentcircle.com/article/why-babies-and-toddlers-shouldnt-watch-tv/

    Team ParentCircle Jan 3 2019

    @Team ParentCircle TV is a source of entertainment and information. As a result, it has now become an inseparable part of every home. However, it isnt good for babies and toddlers to watch TV. Read on to learn more.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 3 2019

    Want to have an idea about the movement milestones that your child should attain in her first year? Here are some pointers... https://www.parentcircle.com/article/movement-milestones-for-your-one-year-old/

    Team ParentCircle Jan 3 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Want to have an idea about the movement milestones that your child should attain in her first year? Here are some pointers.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 27 2018

    Like many other things, teething time also differs among babies. However, most babies sprout their first tooth sometime during their first year of life. Lets look at some of the common questions parents have about teething in their children.

    When do babies start teething?

    Most babies start teething around six months of age. But there are some who are born with their first teeth, while others start teething even before they are four months old, and a few others get their first tooth only after they are 12 months old.

    What are the common symptoms of teething?
    Although some babies are lucky to have their teeth cut through without any pain or discomfort, teething symptoms generally start a few weeks before the actual eruption of tooth. During this time, there is a possibility that babies may have:

    - soreness and redness in the gums
    - flushed face and cheeks
    - unusual amount of dribbling, which may cause rashes over the chin and cheeks
    - tendency to bite and chew everything they can get their hands on
    - unusual irritability
    - disturbed sleep patterns
    - Teething is often associated with symptoms such as diarrhoea and fever. However, theres little evidence to support this.

    In which order do the teeth erupt in babies?

    The bottom front teeth are usually the first to appear within six months of birth. This is followed by the top front teeth, which tend to come through in between six and nine months. Teeth on either side of the top front teeth appear between nine and eleven months, while the ones on either side of the bottom front teeth appear between ten and twelve months of age.
    Most children will have all their milk teeth erupt by the time they reach three years of age.

    Is there any remedy for teething pain?

    I am sure weve all heard a few of them from the older generation. Although not all remedies may actually be of help, there is no any harm in trying some of the following:

    - counter pressure by toys or fingers
    - chewing on teething toys
    - intake of cold foods
    - pain relief medication (used in rare cases)

    How to keep those early milk teeth healthy?

    Parents should regularly brush their childrens teeth twice a day with not more than a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Childrens intake of sugary foods and drinks should be kept to a minimum. Avoid sending them to bed with drinking bottles. Give them plenty of foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C as it is very important for healthy gums.

    When should parents worry about delayed teething in their babies? And, when should they visit a dentist?

    Most babies get their first tooth by their first birthday. However, it is acceptable to wait till the age of 15 months for the first tooth to appear. But in case of further delay, it is advisable to see the dentist for a specialist opinion. It is also good to see the dentist within six months of the appearance of the first tooth.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 21 2018

    Do you use baby powder for your little one, often? The world-famous Johnson's baby powder is under the scanner for suspected presence of asbestos. This is really concerning, considering we often use their products for our babies. This prompted us to reach out to experts to understand what is going on. Here's what they have to say. Click here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/johnsons-baby-powder-fiasco-what-experts-have-to-say/

    Team ParentCircle Dec 21 2018

    @Team ParentCircle The world-famous Johnson's baby powder is under the scanner for suspected presence of asbestos. This prompted us to reach out to experts to understand what is going on. Here's what they have to say.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 19 2018

    A good massage not only gives health benefits but is a wonderful way of bonding with your child. Here we tell you about the types of massages and how a good massage can help your baby

    When to start massaging your baby?
    Normally, you can give your baby a massage right after birth. It is,however, advisable to check with your doctor and start only after he gives the green signal. Most hospitals these days have group sessions for new mothers. These sessions are a good way to start and will also give you an opportunity to interact with other mothers.

    What is the right time of day to massage your baby?
    It is not advisable to start massaging your baby right after a feed. This can make her vomit. You are the best judge of the timing of the massage. If you feel your baby is calm and in a good mood then she may enjoy a massage. This again calls for practice. As you try out different times, you will be able to estimate the best time for the activity.

    What are the benefits of an oil massage?
    Research shows there are many benefits associated with an oil massage for infants

    1. It improves your interaction and bond with the baby

    2. Your baby is more calm and relaxed

    3. It helps in the development of strong bones and muscles.

    How frequently can a baby be massaged?
    It is up to the parents to decide on the frequency of a massage. Take a cue from the babys reaction and start by massaging once or twice a week. Thereafter, either increase or decrease the frequency depending on the babys reaction. Do make sure to use minimal pressure.

    What are the massage techniques/moves for a new mother?
    Before starting the massage, take permission from your little princess. Rub some oil between your hands and then ask again. Although this may seem odd, but your child is definitely picking up the vibes. There are various techniques that can be used. You can get started by using some simple techniques listed below:

    1. Leg massage: This is the simplest and the safest massage to start for your baby. Gently massage your babys leg downwards from thigh to the ankle.

    2. Belly massage: This will be really fun for your baby. Rub your hands gently over the tummy. You will see how much your baby enjoys this one.

    3. Arm massage: Roll your babys arms gently between your hands moving downwards toward the wrist.

    How to give a back rub?
    Give a gentle back rub by stroking his back on both sides. Then slowly move your hands up and down. A back rub often relaxes your baby.

    What are the safe and effective oils that can be used to massage your baby?
    It is safe to use oils that are not scented and are petroleum-based. The market is filled with various brands of baby massage oils. Common ones are almond oil and coconut oil. You could also ask your doctor for any particular brand that can be used.

    Is the massage oil changed according to the season?
    In India, pure ghee is often used as massage oil during winter season and cold climates so that your baby does not catch a cold. Also mustard oil can be used in cold weather.

    Does massaging improve the emotional connect between mother and child?
    Touch is the only form of communication when your baby is born. Various research have shown that the bond between mother and child largely improves with touch. Massaging your baby will help you bond with your baby and also have an impact on their emotional well-being.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 13 2018

    Many new mothers may not realise it but they can actually use both breasts for feeding their babies. However, there are a few essential things to know before doing this.
    Many new mothers may not realise it, but they can actually use both breasts for feeding their babies. However, there are a few essential things to know before doing this.
    When it comes to feeding on one breast or feeding from both the breasts, a lot of questions arise. How long does a new mother feed from a breast? How will she know what is enough for the baby?
    Feed your baby on one breast until its completely empty and making sure there are no lumps in the breast at the end of the feed. And even with compressions, your baby has lost interest in feeding on that side.
    So, now it means that side is completely empty, and your baby has got both the foremilk and the hindmilk, which is going to help with the weight gain. Once the breast is fully empty and you want to unlatch your baby, burp and always offer the second side.
    You want to get your baby to feed on both breasts at each feed. Or, at least encourage your baby to do that, because it would ensure that you have a steady flow of milk, even as your baby gets older and your babys demand increases.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 5 2018

    Do you feel that your little one is in pain while doing potty? Like adults. infants too can suffer from constipation and thus find it difficult to pass stool. Before you start worrying too much, here are a few ways you can prevent constipation in your little baby. Click here to read https://www.parentcircle.com/article/5-ways-to-relieve-constipation-in-infants/

    Team ParentCircle Dec 5 2018

    @Team ParentCircle If you think constipation affects only adults, you could not be more wrong. Even babies suffer from this condition. This article tells you how to prevent her from getting constipated

    Team ParentCircle Nov 27 2018

    Are you a new mother who is finding it difficult to get back to work after the birth of your Little One.
    Child care
    This probably ranks as one of the most nerve-racking decisions parents have to make. You may find yourself riddled with doubts: will they take care of my child well? Will they ignore my childs crying? To set your mind at ease, ensure that you do a dry run with the daycare provider. Explain your childs needs such as food, sickness, allergies and sleep times and ensure the provider works around your schedule. Seek recommendations before you start choosing your childs care taker.

    Pop into your office
    Give your colleagues a phone call during your maternity leave. If you are returning to the same place of work, try and pop into the office with your baby a few months into your leave. This way, you will keep yourself abreast of what is happening at work and know what to expect when you get back.

    Stock up on food /milk
    Stock up on food your child likes so he can have it while you are away. If the baby is still only drinking milk, ensure that the correct formula is given to the care-giver. If he is on breast milk, ensure the milk packets are correctly dated and you have invested in a good pump.

    Talk to your manager
    This is essential to ensure expectations on both sides are realistic. Your manager will be aware that you are not the same person you were before you left you have the additional responsibility now of taking care of your baby. You will also get to know whether there are any changes at your work place and in the dynamics of your team. Speak to your manager about breaks to see your child, pumping breaks and the pumping room. Also discuss working late and the work from home option. Remind her that you will also have to check your phone frequently for messages from your childs care provider.

    Handling co-workers
    Your colleagues may not always relate to your problems. Especially if you are working from home, co-workers tend to think you have it easy and that you are not contributing enough. These attitudes may be frustrating for you but try and stay focused. Always remember that your co-workers too are adjusting to your new role as a mother. Also, reach out to like-minded supporters and other new-mom communities to build relationships.

    Do a dry run
    A few weeks before getting back to work, try and get into the routine youll have to follow. Set an alarm for the time you have to wake up and take your baby out. If you are leaving your child at day-care, drop by for a few hours to see how she adjusts. You could even stop by at your workplace.

    Stay motivated
    Work actively to fight the guilt that comes from leaving your child and getting to work. It helps to know that babies adjust quickly, so long as their basic needs are taken care of. It is important also to remind yourself that work helps earn the means to do your absolute best for the little one. Be kind to yourself during this period.

    Dr.Geeta Komar, Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore gives some pointers to new mothers to stay comfortable at work:

    Take time off: It might take some time to become habituated to the new schedule. Therefore, new mothers can start by practising being away from the baby so that the baby also becomes familiar with the mother not being around all the time.

    Wear comfortable clothes: Women who join work early after pregnancy should consider wearing loose clothes that open at the waist or are front-open tops. Keeping extra nursing pads is a good idea to prevent leaking.

    Eat healthy food: For new mothers having a balanced diet is important to ensure good supply of breast milk to the baby. Since, breast milk is the only source of nutrients for the baby, working mothers should avoid processed food items and should only opt for healthy nutritious diet at work place.

    Tips for the partner to help the new working mother
    Divide work: As a father, it is important that men also try to involve themselves with taking care of the infant. There are various techniques that they can learn which will ensure proper care for the baby and will also give a break to the mother. Hence, divide the daily chores between both the partners equally so that it becomes easier for the woman to maintain a work-life balance.

    Emotional support: A lot of women feel guilty about joining work and leaving their newborn at home. In many cases, this can lead to stress and can also be a reason behind postpartum depression. In such scenarios, emotional support from partners can ensure better mental health for mothers, adds Dr Geeta.

    While getting back to work could be a challenge for you as a new mother, you will find that both you and your baby will soon get used to the routine. It is important not to take big decisions such as quitting work or changing your workplace during this period as you need to give yourself the time to get used to your new role.

    Team ParentCircle Nov 19 2018

    Here are some things you can do as a responsible father to calm your crying baby:-
    1. Recreating familiar sounds: Research has shown that if your baby is crying, you can make sounds like that of a washing machine running. This sound is similar to the sounds the baby hears in the womb. This gives the baby the illusion that she is still inside mummys tummy and relaxes her. This is particularly useful in the nights especially when the mother is resting.
    2. Cradling and swaying: Cradle the baby in your hand and sway gently from side to side in rhythmic intervals
    3. Singing a gentle song or lullaby: Singing or humming a lullaby can also soothe the crying baby.
    4. Be silly: Make funny faces to take your babys attention off the crying. At some point, your baby will giggle. Note the expression that made her smile and repeat it during her crying episodes.

    Team ParentCircle Nov 16 2018

    Be creative while handling your food cravings!
    New mothers should learn to address food cravings in the right way. Ask questions like what exactly is the craving for? Could it be to seek emotional comfort due to an underlying unresolved issue and what would be the consequence? One can also rate the cravings on a scale of 1 to 10. If one feels justified to satisfy food cravings even after answering these questions, then one healthy way to tackle this would be to replace the craving with a healthier option. For e.g., replace a pizza base with a thin crust homemade roti topped with lots of vegetables.

    Team ParentCircle Nov 13 2018

    Babies are a lot of fun. Their gurgling laughter, instant smiles, funny sounds and innocent glances can melt any heart. If you want to know more interesting facts about these Bundles of Joy and enjoy your journey of parenthood, more, then click here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/15-interesting-facts-about-babies-you-did-not-know/

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    @Team ParentCircle

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    Did you know that it is extremely important for a mother to bond with her newborn baby? Not only does this make the mother-child bond stronger, but it also has a lot of benefits for the mother and the child. To know more, read this article on the importance of bonding, click here to read https://www.parentcircle.com/article/bonding-with-my-baby/

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    @Team ParentCircle This article expands on the importance of bonding between the mother and her newborn baby.

    Team ParentCircle Nov 9 2018

    @Team ParentCircle I think breastfeeding helps in bonding with my baby. I was working when my first child was born and could not breastfeed him much. My daughter who is 10 months old is regularly having breastmilk and I spend more time with her. I feel happy and less guilty.

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    @Team ParentCircle Breastfeeding isnt only about nourishing the child, but is also an important component of attachment parenting. Read on to know more.

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    Breastfeeding not only has health benefits for both, the child and the mother, but it also leads to the creation of a lovely intimate bond between the mother and her baby. Click here to read more https://www.parentcircle.com/article/attachment-parenting-and-breastfeeding/

    Team ParentCircle Nov 1 2018

    For new parents, Diwali is a joyous time to celebrate with their little one. But, amidst all the happiness and excitement, it is important to keep your baby safe and ensure that he/she doesn't fall sick or become cranky. Here are a few tips from our side to safeguard your child, this Diwali. Click here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/how-to-safeguard-your-baby-during-diwali/

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    Planning a holiday with your little one, this holiday season? You may be very excited about your trip. But, here is a word of caution - be well prepared and well-equipped with a lot of baby stuff like, the comfortable clothing, diapers, food, medicines and more. Here are a few tips from our side and do tell us some other ideas that you may have while travelling with a baby. Click here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/best-tips-to-plan-a-trip-with-your-baby/

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    Have you had a baby, recently or know someone who just gave birth to a baby? You may then be thinking of giving an appropriate and lovely name to the tiny ball of happiness.You can share with us some of your baby name ideas. And, here are some ideas from our side to name the baby born in the festive season https://www.parentcircle.com/article/top-10-baby-name-ideas-for-kids-born-on-diwali/

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    @Team ParentCircle Have you been blessed with a bundle of joy this festive season? It's a great idea to choose a name that resounds with the spirit of Diwali. Here are some ideas to welcome the new light in your life.