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    Science contest for children by Fevicreate Idealabs

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    Written by Monali Bordoloi and published on 18 May 2021.

    Did you know that your child can learn resourcefulness and decision-making by participating in science contests? Well, check out the details of the Fevicreate Idealabs Science Contest right here!

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    Science contest for children by Fevicreate Idealabs

    Does your child feel science is not fun? Just get him to do some science experiments— they're sure to change his mind. Children have vivid imaginations, and with a little encouragement from parents, they can explore a whole new world of science. This All-India Science Contest Series 2020 from the makers of Fevicol might just open up a world of opportunities for your child. Your child's innovations have the potential to provide food for thought to experts, and may even bring him name and fame and awards!

    One other thing: As parents, wouldn't we love to see our children stay away from gadgets and engage in some creative pursuit? This contest presents the perfect opportunity for them to do just that.

    Let your child learn and play at the same time

    Space, technology, conservation, recycle and reuse—these topics may seem 'difficult' or 'unimportant' to some young minds. But when you ask your child to do science projects based on these themes, the 'boring' topics quickly become exciting! This is because such projects— be it working on solutions for greener earth or building a spaceship that will send men to Saturn—challenge children to think critically, express their creativity and solve problems. The projects will not only help your child understand some important real-world issues, but also encourage her to practice what she learns. You don't have to ask your child to turn off that tap or reuse a pencil anymore; she'll do that on her own for now she knows the value of our limited resources. A finished project will also give your child a sense of accomplishment and independence—and encourage her to learn more about the world we live in.

    How parents can help

    Science is all about ourselves, the earth we inhabit and life beyond our planet. If you want your child to be a lifelong learner, encourage him to check out the Fevicreate Science Contest. Go through the options and help your children choose the project they would like to work on. Just act as mentors and watch them transform their imagination into reality. They will have fun while they learn, and you could create some lovely memories as you bond over a project.

    How to participate in Fevicreate Idealabs science contest

    • Each child needs to create a 3D model solution around one of the topics specified for his or her age group.
    • All children must use a Fevicol A+ bottle in the project image submitted for the Science Contest.
    • Once you are done with the craft project, fill in the details on the website.
    • Schools may also participate in the contest.

    Win exciting prizes!

    Apart from the joy of creating something, your child stands a chance to win the following:

    • Apple MacBooks and iPads (All-India Winners)
    • Trophies for schools and schoolteachers

    Note: All participants will receive Participation Certificates.

    Contest: Age groups

    To maintain a level playing field, the participants will compete in two categories:

    • 5–8 years of age
    • 9–14 years of age

    Last date for submission

    The Fevicreate Idealabs Science Contest is open from October 15 till November 30, 2020.

    Note: Only one entry per child.

    Topics for the Fevicreate Idealabs science contest series

    Children can choose one topic from the options given below:

    5–8 years of age

    • Topic 1: Reuse & Recycle!
    • Topic 2: India in Space

    9–14 years of age

    • Topic 1: Sources of Energy
    • Topic 2: Cities of the Future

    More details on the topics

    Do you know that plastic waste is one of the main killers of marine life? If you and your child believe in sustainable living, then recreate a 3D model solution to reuse and recycle everyday plastic and non-biodegradable objects around you. Who knows, your Reuse &Recycle model might even help reduce plastic waste going into the oceans!

    If your child is a space enthusiast, give wings to her imagination and together recreate a 3D model of your version of India in Space. Go crazy with satellites and rovers in your model!

    Preteens can present a 3D model on how to conserve different Sources of Energy or their ideal usage. Your child's model could even be a solution to the impending energy crisis! So, choose your preferred energy source–solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal or biomass—and get going.

    What will the cities of our future look like? How will transport change? What about the buildings? How will they promote sustainable living? Let your child give his imagination free rein as you help him recreate a 3D model of our Cities of the Future, complete with the facilities and environment of a futuristic city. Just keep in mind that the idea you submit should be environmentally friendly.

    While you are creating these amazing but simple models, don't forget to use a bottle of Fevicol A+ in your innovation.

    The Fevicreate Idealabs Science Contest is the ideal platform for children to showcase their imagination. Let's shape their imaginations and together make learning fun for them, and everyone else, too!

    To participate in the contest, click here!

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