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The future belongs to people who will be able to marry high creativity and imagination with a hunger for knowledge and learning. We believe that the best way of developing these in young children is a combination of free and structured play, in beautiful and engaging preschool learning environments, and a program that constantly develops their minds across multiple areas. We know that children develop at different rates across different areas. At Safari Kid international kindergartens, we ensure that a child is advancing at their pace and level, not that of the group. We also believe that play is the best way to learn – even if you’re learning advanced concepts in languages or math. That’s why our play-based nursery approach ensures that each Safari Kid is at least one (if not two) grade levels ahead of their peers when they leave us for primary school.We’ve created THE early childhood program for the 21st century. Classical approaches like Montessori and Reggio Emilia go back at least half a century, and Eastern approaches even further. We’ve combined best practices from these with insights from newer research into early brain development. We’ve taken the Project Based Learning approach to early childhood education for the first time, and our development and assessment framework is based on, among other things, Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, the British Early Years Foundation Stage and our own research. Art, Drama, STEAM (including coding and robotics) and Music are integrated at the core. Our preschool program is based not on the age of the child, but at their pace of learning in different areas. Not all children like to play with the same toys – each child is different. We customize our approach based on the child’s preferred style of learning. That’s what makes us so effective. And it makes Safari Kids stand out as natural leaders in a group, creative problem solvers and generally a grade or two ahead of their peers.

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51, MCHS Layout, 15th A Cross Road, Near BDA Complex, Sector 4, HSR Layout , Hsr Layout, Bangalore, Pincode:560102, Karnataka.


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