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    Joy of Celebration!

    Joy of Celebration!

    Recipes & Menu Suggestions for your Special Occasions!

    We understand how challenging it is to decide on that perfect menu for your guests and to find the right recipes for your children! You have come to the right place! Feel free to share your favourite recipes and menu suggestions for various occasions and we'll also share some! ... more

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    Team ParentCircle Feb 21 2020

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    Team ParentCircle Feb 4 2020

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    Team ParentCircle Sep 26 2019

    Does your child favour store-bought, readymade food over what is traditional and homemade? Tell him stories about the Gods and their favourite foods to bring about a change in his preferences.

    Vicky May 28 2019


    In a bowl sieve 3 cups of all purpose flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 cup cocoa powder, a pinch of salt and keep aside. In another bowl, whisk melted butter, castor sugar and 2 eggs till the contents double and become light. pour the liquid mixture into the contents of the dry bowl and mix gently by cutting and folding the batter in the shape of the number 8. Add half a cup of milk to get the right consistency, 1 tsp of vanilla essence and a dash of few chocochips.
    Preheat the oven at 100C for 10 mins. grease a baking mould with butter and dust it with some flour. Pour the cake mixture and put it in the oven for to bake for 30 mins at 180C. To know if the cake is ready insert a clean knife and if it comes out clean, voila your cake is done.
    You can drizzle some chocolate syrup on he cake and relish it with a bitter-sweet cup of hot or cold coffee with your family this summer vacation.

    Vicky May 28 2019

    @Vicky Thanks for the recipe..will try :) nothing like a slice of cake and some coffee on a leisurely evening.

    Vicky Jun 7 2019

    @Vicky Hey Roopa, Thanks a lot. Since it is summer, you can add a generous dollop of vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch ice-cream to make it more soul-satisfying. I understand it is high on calories, but we can cheat with what we eat once in a while, isn't it?

    Vicky Jul 4 2019

    @Vicky This is such a yummy and easy to do recipe. I am a chocolate cake addict, honestly speaking and this simple recipe is a must-try for me this weekend!

    Vicky Aug 28 2019

    @Vicky Thanks Vicky for sharing this awesome recipe...my son loves chocolate flavor. Will definitely try this soon.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 27 2019

    Wondering how to make a quick and simple dessert that even your child could help you make? Look no further! Here are some easy mug cake recipes that you can make at home in just two minutes!

    Rashmi Jul 18 2019

    Bread-chole tawapulav
    1- Basmati rice - half kg
    2- Bread - 5 slices
    3- Carrot - 3 nos
    4- beans- quater kg
    5- capsicum- 2 nos
    6- cabbage (small)
    7- onion - 4 nos
    8 - kabul channa/chole - 500 gms
    9- ginger garlic paste
    10- ghee / oil for frying
    11- Cinnamon, elaichi ,clove etc
    12- Salt , chilly powder , garam masala
    13-200 ml curds
    1- Soak basmati rice in water for about 15 mins and steam the rice.
    2- Simultaneously chop all the vegetables and bread in cubes
    3- Deep fry the bread cubes keep aside
    4- Fry the onions first then and ginger garlic paste, spices (clove, cinnamon etc)
    4- Later add chopped vegetables to it and fry
    5- Meanwhile boil the soaked Channa
    6- Add chilly powder ,garam masala and salt to the same pan after frying.
    7- Also add curds ( beat thoroughly)
    8- Add the boiled channa to the same pan
    9- Add the steamed rice mix well.

    Rashmi Jul 19 2019

    @Rashmi Hey Rashmi,
    This is such a lovely recipe. Never have I thought of such combination. I am definitely going to try it out this weekend. Bread and Rice Combination, Wow!

    Rashmi Jul 21 2019

    @Rashmi Thank you, ya it's a must try my kids love it

    Rajamani Revauthi Jul 18 2019

    Tips to help toddlers develop motor skills.
    Everything from buttoning a shirt to tying shoes requires fine motor skills. I hardly remember my parents buying toys for us those day. Very few toys were bought and in fact there was no categorised toys to help us learn motor skills and all. So, here are few tips that how can you help your child develop motor skills without buying expensive toys. You can use this to reduce screen time too.

    ?Let your little one finger feed as much as possible. Picking up food with her fingers will help her develop a pincer grasp ,using thumb and first finger.

    ? If you have beads of ur normal chain and thread give the baby a thread to put beads one by one on to the thread. This needs supervision and it's not expensive too. Straws can be used as beads, to thread onto something.

    ?Opening a zipper bag and closing it is a motor skill developing activity.

    ?Around 2 years , provide small crayons that fit into your little ones hands and let them scribble on a piece of paper.

    ?Help your baby open and close the latches of the doors or their own sippers. Scribbling with a pencil or help with a chalk n a slate board.

    ?Buy a therma coal board help ur kid punch a hole with pencil ,its another motor skill activity.

    ?Use a regular piggy banks or a recycled container and encourage your child to hold 2 or 3 coins in the hand and push them through the hole in the box one at a time without dropping the others.

    ?Use the clothes pins to pick up and transfer items from one container to another.

    ?Get your child to squash, squeeze, roll and pound with the play dough or atta.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 21 2019

    This summer put your hot stove to rest, and make some delicious recipes without fire. From salads to milkshakes to bruschettas, here are some recipes so easy to make that your child can chip in too!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 2 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Loved these recipes. Looking forward to trying these out with my child.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 28 2019

    No-fire cooking can be great fun for kids. This Friendship Day, we give you some simple yet sumptuous snacks your child and her friends can make together.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 10 2019

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    Team ParentCircle May 27 2019

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    Team ParentCircle Apr 15 2019

    Foods that are rich in tradition and high on health that is what you get in villages across India. Here's a glimpse into the wonderful flavours and tastes that make up our culinary heritage.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 8 2019

    Get ready to beat the heat this summer or cause a stir at your child's next birthday party, with these colourful and yummy fruity blends. Kids are bound to fall in love with these delightful recipes!

    Team ParentCircle Feb 11 2019

    Want to add something versatile and very flavourful into your child's diet? Try cranberry. Celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani has crafted scrumptious and sumptuous dishes out of these little gems of health.