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    3. Rakshabandhan Special - #YOUR100WORDSTORY | AUGUST 2021

    Joy of Celebration!

    Rakshabandhan Special - #YOUR100WORDSTORY | AUGUST 2021

    Joy of Celebration!

    Rakshabandhan Special - #YOUR100WORDSTORY | AUGUST 2021

    There’s no denying it - siblings are sometimes the most annoying people on earth. How often we wish they would just vanish into thin air. Remember the fights over the TV remote, sharing the same room, snitching on you, invading your privacy and raiding your cupboard.
    Siblings can be at their best (extinct species) or at their worst (commonly found) but there is no in-between. And deep down in your heart, you know that you can’t survive without them!

    Why not share your crazy sibling love-hate moments with us, in not more than 100 words? Tell us one most annoying thing that your sibling did to you. The more hilarious it is the more fun for everyone.

    Rules for the Contest:
    1) One entry per person
    2) Adhere to word-limit
    3) Original entries only – should not have been published anywhere else
    4) Your entries will become the sole property of ParentCircle. The content may be used for publication in the company’s online and print media.
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    Abhinanda G Devi 314 days ago

    I am sharing the most memorable experience in my life. I was in 9th standard and my sister was in kindergarten. Once I was studying balanced diet in biology book and my sister was sitting nearby listening to it. From then whenever I started studying she would keep saying that "a balanced diet is a diet which contains............". It was a lot of fun for me and others. But it was very annoyed me a lot. The most interesting thing was that she kept saying this until the third grade.

    Team ParentCircle 300 days ago

    @Abhinanda G Devi Hahaha...kindergarten till 3rd...that's a long time!

    Team ParentCircle 313 days ago

    Thankyou Everyone!
    The Contest stands Closed.

    Watch out this space for results.
    All the best :)

    Geeta Nair 315 days ago

    Times there were when the imp would strike
    A pinch or two that made me cry
    However, glance her way with burning eyes
    See innocence writ large on those big black eyes
    Later it did come to light
    Her toes the pincers knew how best to strike...

    My younger sister had this irritating habit of pinching me with her toes when she was in her element. She was a pro at that. I doubt whether a scorpion's sting could match her toe-pinch. The imp knew exactly when to strike - just when I would be deeply engrossed in my studies.

    Medha Sarkar 315 days ago

    "WHAT's happened!?"
    "Duggu's pulling my hair" Medha wailed.
    "She's a sissy; got scared of ghosts last night, didn't sleep a wink." Duggu smirked.
    "Only because Duggu made weird noises to frighten me"
    "Duggu! Never repeat this!"
    "But Maaa-"
    "But what?"
    "She crawled into my bed for the rest of the night making sure even I couldn't sleep" complained Duggu.
    "Why Medha? Bhaiya scared you, yet you got into his bed to sleep?" Ma raised her eyebrows.
    "I wet my bed when Duggu scared me.So I went to sleep with him" Medha answered brightly.

    Ma turned away, smiling slightly.

    Mandeep Kaur 315 days ago

    I remember one incident from my childhood. My younger brother gifted me a pocket calculator on my birthday. I took out my mathematics textbook and tried to solve the sums in the calculator. My elder brother appeared and shoved a tight slap on my face uttering,"Next time l don't want to see you doing this". I was not able to fathom his anger.Later on, in my life l understood that l was committing theft for which l deserved the right punishment. l never worked on a calculator till date. He taught me the greatest lesson of life,

    "Cheating is sin".

    Renu Bansal 316 days ago

    I don't have a brother but my elder sister told me that you don't need a brother you've got me n i will protect you always. We still fight like Tom n Jerry but in the end love and support each other.

    saswati behera 316 days ago

    "The mildest, drowsiest sister has been known to turn the tiger if her sibling is in trouble " Yes Indeed!Words would fall short to describe such incredible bond between siblings.Here I tell you the tale of innumerable memories I've crafted with my Sis since our childhood.
    A story of Sea-Girls.. Those Summer afternoons in mysterious beach are crystalline. Crafting the sand castle with the fear in our little hearts that sea- monster in blue waves might ruin our castle. From those starry nights in Nilgiris to tranquil days in South Goa; Here's our naughty habits ;) From late night drives for a cup of Cappuccino to Hiking into steep ravines..Our giggles over clinking wine glasses to eating nachos and dark chocolates whole night..She's been crazy Partner in crime.And of course Best Travel-mate! How could I miss telling you about our amazing trekking to blue-mountains and watching sunset in crimson sky. Always unplanned spontaneous activity we do and that's cute I believe. Whether it's trekking or roadtrip to Pondicherry.
    Together we rock the spectrum. Cheers to Siblinghood #Gypsytraveller

    Kavita 317 days ago

    i was a teenager then and my brother 7 yrs younger to me. Our parents had gone to native place for an emergency, leaving both of us alone. I could cook only the bare minimum for survival. My chapatis were barely edible.
    Once when all neighbourhood aunties were taking an evening stroll, my brother got out a chapati cooked by me. He showed it to everyone and offered it to a stray dog. Wonder what happened to the dog, but the moment it saw the chapati it ran away in full speed. Then my naughty brother commented "see aunty. Even the dog refuses to eat food cooked by my sister. Imagine how I eat this everyday". This incident annoyed me a lot because my brother failed to understand my cooking effort Even after 2 decades, those aunties still laugh thinking about this joke and the awful chapatis cooked by me

    Lakshmi Priya Srinivasan 317 days ago

    “Come on. Come on in. Jump” I rushed.
    “No. I can’t. It’s too dark. It’s dangerous” came the timid reply from my six year old brother, who followed me everywhere like a shadow. I was ten.
    It was the ultimate finals of hide and seek between my gang and the enemy gang. My friends and I had elaborate blueprints planned for secret hideouts. We had to win. So I had no choice but to leave him on the road to fend for himself. I ran away with my friend to hide.
    I could hear his cries from my hideout. “Don’t cry little one, we’ll take you to your sister”, offered the enemy gang. One by one, I saw our hideouts unveil. Hours of hard work thrown into drain. All my secret places were washed clean along with my brother’s tears. That maggot!

    Shahjahan 318 days ago

    We decided to prank our family members. My brother 6 years older to me, conveniently made me hide behind the window curtains in his study room one evening. When my mom came to check on us as usual she noticed I was missing. My brother cheekily denied my presence there and there was a sudden commotion in the house with all members running here and there looking for me. Anticipating a second check in our room my brother decided to shift me to another location. He managed to deftly transfer me to the gallery outside the building. I meekly hid there till I was discovered by my mother and immediately bombarded with reprimands and warnings .All the while my brother feigned ignorance of my doings and refused to have any say in the matter. I was naturally irritated but what can a 6 year old pit against a 12 year big bully! All said and done no grudges against a companion who's been there for me for 20 years of my life.

    Garima Rastogi 318 days ago

    My younger brother is sweet but a big time prankster.I am the butt of all his jokes.Once on the occasion of rakhi he gifted me a bottle of mediker shampoo saying that i have lice in my hair.I was so cross with him and went away.This really irritated and annoyed me.In the evening my brother sneaked into my room and kept a box on the table.When i opened it i jumped in horror as it had a cockroach in it.It was so creepy and i did not speak with him for days.

    Pooja Gautam 318 days ago

    Brothers are born to annoy their sisters only. While I rest on the side of bed my brother always come and say shift I have to rest here. I use to get irritate and say don't you get place anywhere else in the house why don't you go to your place. While I sleep he always distrub me liking pinch me or shake me and saying so gyi ho kya if I don't react he say pooja bahut pagal ladki h iske pass dimag nhi hai bilkul if I have enough patience not to react I could pretend to sleep or just reply him😂

    319 days ago

    My brother and me spend beautiful time when we togethe fun and precious time .my brother is the best mentor in my life.

    OAP • 319 days ago

    She would always hide her favourite piece of cake and somehow I would eat it up.But she would hide it in the same place and start crying and warning me.Her tears will disappear once I console and hug her.Thats my sister parnika.You all want to know my annoying monster.He is varish.

    Sajuli B 319 days ago


    Kishore Kumar K 320 days ago

    I have lots of Funny Memories with My sister

    But here is the recent one.

    Me and my sister were sitting in room and gossiping . And suddenly she asked me why was I crying.

    I said why would i cry , but yeah why I am actually Crying .

    Then I felt that tears are coming out of my eyes because of Smoke . And as soon as i said that I am not crying but I am having irritation in my eyes because of smoke , both of us ran towards the kitchen and saw oil in pan which was left by my sister on stove by mistake.

    After that I laughed like Hell and got chocked because I finally caught my sister's mistake . It feel so good when sis make some mistake and you get chance to remember that matter to defend yourself later. 😜

    After that there was smoke everywhere in the house for atleast 2 hours.

    Varsini 320 days ago

    The most annoying thing my sibling did to me is when I was in class 7 she was studying in class 2. My classroom was in ground-floor just beside the play ground. My sister being pre primary ...have games period on everyday and she used to come there to play in the play ground and I used to sit near the window . She use to call me with my nickname and I will be embarrassed to turn back and she used throw the stones used stand by my window and annoy me the most.And even my teachers and classmates adores her actions which makes me annoy her more

    Smitha.R.P 321 days ago

    I am sharing most memorable story of me and my younger brother . I was in first grade and brother was in nursery . During those times my neighbourhood granny who was working in cashew nut company used to bring chocolates while returning home .On Saturday's she used to bring some evening snacks like sweet buns or puran poli .
    One Saturday she brought Hot puran poli and told us to share and eat with our parents . I ate my share and went to play .And my parents were busy with their works .It was raining outside and there was no power .....
    My brother was no where to been seen .My parents , neighbours every body searched for him holding the torch and candle light . My parents were worried .At last we found him under the cot in dark room along with the emptied packet of puran poli . Seeing my brother under the cot and empty packet everyone burst to laughter .This incident is memorable and always brings smiles .

    Mansi Chaturvedi 321 days ago

    Siblings are somehow are the first friends we have. I being the elder was always teased and bullied by my brother. Being very particular about my things specially those related to school, he would take advantage of me. He had to just tell me he has taken my school diary and in return I would have to do his school projects. In the end I would realise he had not even touched any of my things and I would crib but do his projects well so that he would get good marks.

    shubham sawarn 322 days ago

    I am sharing one of the interesting story of my siblings, once my parents were out of town and we both were at house they told us "Tum dono ache se rehna jo khana hoga baaher se manga lena or ladai mt karna" But when our parents moved we started doing mischevious activities the whole day. Near our colony a guard was moving every night says " jaagte raho" At that night once he says afterwards I repeated the same from roof and my sister from window. He himself got feaked out and ran away , says bhoot aaya bhoot aaya

    Gnalini CPS 323 days ago

    We were not talked so much.... But we are understanding very well..... We are not like other bro sis relationship.... We are different from others

    Rhianna Fernandes 323 days ago

    My memories are of us hiding food and other treats from one another only to find out that they had been secretly stolen from our hiding place by one another. If I received chocolates from a boyfriends, there was no hiding such things. Somehow, my brother was the biggest spy around and would eat up everything before I could touch it. We fought for the last cheetos, played stumper ball , due to which everyone was afraid of us breaking the tube lights and glassware. I would disturb him when he studied and we used to splash water on each other.

    SHWETA 323 days ago

    I have a younger brother but not so younger...I mean of similar age group but now we both are married but he used to annoy me a lot though it's a story of every brother- sister duo. I used to have severe acne on my face and his was clear so used to tease me for that saying everytime that - " your face
    Is the best example of hills and valley " for which I used to fill up with agony everytime and I used to wish to happen same thing to him but then he secretly gifted me homeopathic treatment kit . We both laugh a lot till nw whenever we recall it.

    Shannon Almeida 324 days ago

    Cherishing those love & hate stories with my brother on Raksha Bandhan is my favorite task. Moving away from him during my schooling period, I realized the worth of this priceless bond. No matter how much we argue, we are always together at the end of the day. My brother hated me speaking to boys and whenever he would see me secretly speaking to my boyfriends, the moment I would come home, he would give me a big lecture and tell me that he hated me for being his sister and he was ashamed of me. This truly annoyed me

    Subhashree Ravichandran 324 days ago

    I have 3 siblings-2 brothers and a sister. I am the eldest. I sharee a great rapport both with my brothers and my sisters in law.My mother had a stroke 4 years back and was bedridden after that. We had appointed a full time nurse to take care of her. It was very expensive, what with her medicines, physio therapy,her personal care stuff and the monthly salary of the caregiver. All of us siblings were sharing the expenses equally.
    Last year,my husband passed away and after that,my brother refused to let me contribute for my mother's care. It became a matter of contention but my brother was very adamant.My mother passed away a few months back. But the fact remains that my brother feels protective about me.It annoyed me that I couldn't contribute for her care. At the same time, I could understand his view point.Am glad to have a caring brother. His emotions are totally reciprocated.