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USA-Licensed Psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the field of Human Development, Parent Coaching, Training and Education.


Making Your Child The Boss Of Her Anger!

If a child’s behaviour becomes out of control or aggressive because of anger, then it is an issue...

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram  • 10 min read

6 Ways To Bully-Proof Your Child

Teach your child how to respond to bullies with assertiveness and confidence

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram  • 8 min read

7 Essential Life Skills For Your Child’s S...

Research done by top universities like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia and IIT show that c...

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram  • 10 min read

Understanding Your Child’s Personality

Ever wondered how children, born to the same set of parents, just a few years apart, are still so...

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram  • 11 min read

All Grown Up!

Worried about your child reaching his 18th birthday – a milestone into adulthood? This article he...

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram  • 10 min read

Spark Your Child’s Creativity

In a world where we strive for our children’s academic excellence and glorify their grades and ma...

Aparna Balasundaram  • 13 min read

Prepping for your Daughter's Puberty

As your little princess gets ready to step into womanhood, here’s how you can prepare for tha...

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram  • 10 min read

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