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    ParentCircle Debate - Your thoughts matter!

    ParentCircle Debate - Your thoughts matter!

    Homeschooling vs Formal Schooling - Which one do you think is better? Share you thoughts and tell us more!

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    • Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 12:16 PM


    Simi Feb 22 2020

    Formal schooling is a better option as children need to grow up in a social environment and interact with their peer. They gain a lot of experience from real life situations. Home schooling definitely gives individual attention and focuses on strengthening the virtues of each child but when it comes to a rounded personality formal school is the best option.

    Simi 96 days ago

    @Simi True

    Jasmine Feb 22 2020

    I am a mother of two homeschooling kids, daughter is 15 years old and son is 14. The most difficult phase in homeschooling is their board exams. In India though government has started NIOS board for non schoolers. But I can tell its in a very bad condition.They dont even update their website.

    Kanisha Feb 22 2020

    Talking about todays education system, it fails to teach important skills and talent of a child. However, every coin has its two sides. Formal education teaches to sustain strongly in cut-throat competitive era. Furthermore, it gives a child spirit to understand syllabus, exam time, play time and so on. Moreover, a child learns to know different culture, religion, traditions by going to school. From above few positive points, I prefer formal schooling. Rest hours apart from formal schooling, homeschooling can be taken into consideration as a child learns important life skills through observing parents, society, relatives, peers. Here, parent are a role model to their children.

    Divya Feb 22 2020

    Home schooling gives individual attention and focuses on strengthening the core values. Social interaction can happen at home as well and in the sports classes or any other activity classes if yhey go.

    Indu Feb 22 2020

    Human being is a social animal ,so intersection with peer group is very imp. Hence I vote for Formal schooling .

    Madhu Feb 21 2020

    Formal schooling is better because it give proper education, environment, knowledge .

    Madhu Feb 22 2020

    @Madhu I too agree with your point of view.