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    3. One Hilarious Moment as a Mom! #MothersDaySpecial

    Joy of Celebration!

    One Hilarious Moment as a Mom! #MothersDaySpecial

    Joy of Celebration!

    One Hilarious Moment as a Mom! #MothersDaySpecial

    Share with us one unforgettable and hilarious moment that you have experienced as a Mom! We would love to hear from you! ... more

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    • May 6 2020


    Sayantani Ray May 9 2020

    That very moment of laughter :)
    It is very difficult to write a hilarious story. Because when you started thinking what incidents you had with your lil champ ....believe me nothing was coming in my mind. This happens because during lockdown we are spending whole day at home and so many moments of joy we share. Parentcircle always gives me boost to write at the correct time.

    So started thinking what to be penned down in this story. My boy is very fond of sweets, every day he needs sweets after his meal. I think this habit he has inherited from his maternal grandfather and uncle, they also enjoy having sweets or sweet curd( lal doi) after lunch. The problem started for me during this lockdown, getting sweets from market is a difficult job. That very day there was no sweets in my fridge, so decided to make suji ka halwa, a common delicious desert of India. As decided I prepared it and made it look like a milk cake( his favorite sweet). After lunch I served it to him, he was watching his favorite cartoon in TV, so I thought he will not realize what was going inside his mouth.
    But the scenario was oppsite than my thought.
    As soon as it went inside his mouth he asked me " Mummum, what is this?" I dropped my jaw.
    I answered "Sweet".
    Next question " What sweet?" I said " Milk cake". He said " Milk cake from the same shop" I said "yes"
    Then he got hurried, and asked me again " tell me correctly what sweet is it?"
    I Again told him it is milk cake. Then my lil one angrily said you are bluffing mummum, this can't be milk cake.
    It is something else and believe me he didn't eat that any more. So I realized you should not try tobe smart in front of these kids. THEY ARE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK!
    Thank You!
    Sayantani Ray
    9 May 2020

    Mousumi Biswas May 7 2020

    Hilarious moment as a mother
    My son always shared a very close bond with his grandparents. He always loved to spend time with them right from his school days. Now that they are no more , he recalls all those beautiful , poignant , touching and hilarious moments he shared with them . Sometimes he mimics his grandparents , my husband ,me , his friends, teachers and has us in splits .
    He recalls how his grandfather used to wake up if anyone pulled the newspaper when he dozed off reading it. He has shared many incidents of how he had been a partner in his crime of stealing chocolates which my mother used to keep in the fridge. He shared many anecdotes told to him by my mother . He also told me about the world of books which they introduced to him . Such strong bonding with his grandparents was valuable in inculcating sound moral values in my son ,in making him a good human being .
    Mousumi Biswas

    Kanisha May 7 2020