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    Being a new parent can be challenging, especially one it comes to your baby's nutrition. But, do not worry, you are not alone. Share your concerns, engage with other parents from across the country and have your queries answered by experts. ... more

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    Team ParentCircle Apr 17 2020

    Children are prone to infections, more so when their diet and weight are not appropriate. Take a look at how you could improve your child's immunity and build resistance to disease.

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia May 31 2019

    My brother's son does not latch properly while feeding. He is 2.5 months old and is very weak as he does not consume enough milk. The doctor asked us to start giving him cerelac. Should we do it?

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia May 31 2019

    @Pragatii Jalal Ruia Dear reader, breastfeeding is easier said than done. A number of new mothers face issues with latching, and its a good idea to consult a lactation expert in any reputed hospital in your city. A lactation consultant can guide you about the reasons for inadequate latch and guide you accordingly. Most of the times latching issues could occur due to flat or inverted nipples, which can be corrected using a syringe. I would suggest to avoid giving the baby formula if the mother is producing enough milk. Invest in a good electric breast pump and feed breastmilk using a bottle. Breastmilk woks on demand and supply. The more the mother will express the milk, the more she will produce. So if she ends up expressing more milk than what the baby can consume, you could freeze the extra milk to preserve its nutrients. You could also consider joining the Facebook group 'Breastfeeding support for Indian mothers' which gives valuable guidance on breastfeeding. All the best!

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia Aug 9 2019

    @Pragatii Jalal Ruia I have a premature son of 1 month old , he also posses the same problem of latching in his initial days now he is able to latch but remains hungry from breastfeed so I used to pump and then feed him with bottle, mother's milk is way beneficial then any formula milk . pump and store in fridge , give as and when ur baby demands

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia Aug 9 2019

    @Pragatii Jalal Ruia Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion, Nitya. Hope it helps other parents who are facing a similar problem!

    Suresh Kumar Jun 27 2019

    Do lychees contain fatal toxins? Is consuming lychees dangerous for kids? What is hypoglycaemia? To answer all these questions and more, ParentCircle talks to experts to understand better.

    Suresh Kumar Jul 10 2019

    @Suresh Kumar Thanks Suresh for sharing this article. This was something even I was extensively reading about from different sources to understand about it.

    Team ParentCircle May 15 2019

    My baby is 10 months old and he hasn't gained much weight since birth. I'm unsure if he is drinking sufficient milk as he is finding it difficult to latch at times and he is crying a lot when he is hungry and is I think frustrated when he is unable to latch and drink milk properly. I've started using a breast pump lately and it is helping to some extent. Do let me know what else I can do to ensure that my child gets enough nutrients.

    Team ParentCircle May 15 2019

    @Team ParentCircle At 10 months, he needs some solid food along with milk. What does his growth chart say..? His pediatrician is the best person to suggest you the best foods, vitamin supplements, and everything else he might need. Mashed rice, mashed vegetables and fruits, baby cereal, Ragi, and formula milk are some of the good choices. If the baby has reached his developmental milestones and is active, don't worry that much. Do consult the doctor to make sure you are on the right track. All the best!

    Team ParentCircle May 20 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you Roopa. Yes solid foods we have been giving but I don't know why he doesn't eat them with much interest. I should probably consult my pediatrician and see other options that I can give him and that he will like. Currently we give ragi porridge, mashed veggies and rice porridge.