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    Nutrition for 6 - 10 year olds

    Are you a parent of a young child, who is concerned about your little one's nutritional needs? Join our discussion to clear your doubts, share your journey, know from our experts and explore more about nutrition for your child. ... more

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    • Aug 13 2018


    Kavita Sahu Oct 19 2019

    My daughter is 6 years old. She is very fussy in eating and hence lean. She doesnt want to try any thing especially new food . She eats very less n that also limited food option. Please help I am suffering with this problem from long time. She also has to improve her drinking habit.

    Kavita Sahu Oct 19 2019

    @Kavita Sahu Hello Kavitha, did you speak to your childs paediatrician about it since you are facing this problem for a long time. Being active and healthy is more important than acquiring a chubby look. If she is healthy, dont worry. Here are few things you could try:
    *Feed her nutritionally rich breakfast in the morning. Solid food is more important at this age for weight gain and to meet other nutritional needs. Some children drink only milk and eat very less breakfast. Only milk wont be enough.
    * Avoid junk food
    *Feed her when she is hungry and give enough gap between meal times, atleast three hours between each feed.
    * She can have her favourite food but be creative and try different recipes to make her meals as interesting as possible. For instance, if she likes Dosa, you could try a variety of dosas with different combinations of rice, dals, oats, millets and other grains and legumes. For the same dosa batter, you can add vegetables, coconut, and other stuff to make the dosa taste different and interesting. You can also make kulipanyaram out of it. If she likes pasta, pizza, or rice you could try and make creative healthy recipes.
    *Include her in the cooking process but follow safety measures. Since she is very young, you could ask her to make dough, roti balls, pick her favourite vegetable, peel something, break an egg, decorate the cake, mix the batter or anything that will get her interested in the process. When she is involved, she will eat her food with more interest.

    Doctors usually prescribe vitamins, and something that will increase appetite. You can also discuss this with a dietician who will make a chart to help you. Hope this helps. All the best.

    Karna Dileep Vardhan Reddy Aug 16 2019

    After a long bout with viral fever my 9 year old has become very weak and lost appetite. What should I do to revive his health?

    Karna Dileep Vardhan Reddy Aug 20 2019

    @Karna Dileep Vardhan Reddy Diet plays an important role in recovering from a fever. The overall diet should be light and easy to digest. Here are some tips to help your 9-year-old to recover soon.

    1. Lots of fluids: It is important to drink a lot of fluids to help your child feel better. Fluids in the form of soup, hot tea or just plain water are recommended. If your child had a cold and cough, hot soups can help loosen the dried mucus in the nasal passages and help relieve symptoms. Soups can also help boost his appetite.
    2. Protein: Lean protein can help regain energy to fight off the infection. You can choose bland foods such as scrambled eggs and unseasoned chicken. If your child is not able to take solids, opt for a smoothie or a shake made using non-fat milk and yogurt.
    3. Fruits: Choose soft fruits like banana, papaya, oranges, sweet lime and melons. Vitamin C-rich foods can help boost immunity.
    4. Avoid fatty foods: It is a strict no for spicy and fatty foods as it can be hard to digest. Kichidi and poha with lots of vegetables can be good to start with for recovery.
    Remember that your child is slowly recovering from the illness and it is natural for him not to have a great appetite. Do not force your child to eat, if he doesn't like it. Just stop and feed him after a short break. Also, make sure that he gets plenty of rest. Give him lots of soups of drink as they are easy to digest and rich in nutrients that will help him with recovery. Wishing your child a speedy recovery!

    Karna Dileep Vardhan Reddy Aug 21 2019

    @Karna Dileep Vardhan Reddy Thank you so much, Team. We are taking the steps suggested by you. Hope he recovers soon!

    Team ParentCircle Apr 9 2019

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    Saibal Saha Mar 30 2019

    My son is very thin. He did mot want to take his food sufficiently all the time.He is 7 years old. Please suggest what I can do for his health growth.

    Saibal Saha Mar 31 2019

    @Saibal Saha Hunger levels can fluctuate in children depending on the season, activity levels or if they keep snacking too often. Try cutting down on snacks and give a gap of around 3 hrs or more between meals. Generally kids snack during the day and if they eat few cookies or chips an hour before their mealtime, they won't eat well during mealtimes.

    Try to make a menu for the week and include all that you feel is essential for him. Be creative to make it as appetizing as possible. Solid food is more important at this age than juice, milk etc., After sometime, you might notice weight gain...
    Fresh fruit is the best choice for snack time because fruits like apples, pears, berries, watermelon etc., are nutritious but mostly water and not so filling. This will make him eat a good meal.

    As moms, one of our main concerns is nutrition and its natural to be concerned. How true is the notion that a chubby child is the healthiest child? :-) People generally believe that and even comment but if the child is active, healthy, and eating a wholesome diet, dont worry that much. However, the childs pediatrician is the best judge. Do speak to your physician about all your concerns just to make sure everything is fine. All the best !

    Team ParentCircle Mar 20 2019

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    Lakshmi Feb 26 2019

    My daughter, 10, has a habit of keeping food in her mouth for longer time. Either she chews it, on n on or just puts it into the cheeks, not even biting. She doesn't bit food, whenever needed. Which means takes 30 mbts to finish something others wud need 5. Wat is this all about, how do i help her get to do things in a healthier way.

    Lakshmi Feb 26 2019

    @Lakshmi Hi, like all other childhood concerns and habits, this habit also will change. This is just a passing phase. It's difficult to change some habits immediately, it might take time. You probably have already spoken to her.

    Here are some suggestions.. Serve her food with her friends.. Serve something very interesting like pizza, pudding or something that she really likes and just observe if she eats properly. In their presence she will mostly eat normally like others.
    Later on, remind her that she ate well and if she could eat like that, then she can change her habit without effort, and appreciate her for following table manners or anything that you observed.

    Don't feed her in front of TV. Tv programs could be distracting her from eating properly.
    Feed her only when she is hungry. When she is hungry there is no way she will take her own sweet time to chew.
    Come up with more creative ways to handle this.. Hope you are successful soon. All the Best!

    Lakshmi Mar 7 2019

    @Lakshmi Hi Roopa, Thanks so much for those big positive words and the suggestions as well. Also, you picked it right, TV had been a bad food habit for her. will take it to correct it. Hope I am successful !! And I guess I agree with you, will be bit more patient and get some more ideas.

    Thanks so much once again, love n light to you !!


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    Jyothi Sep 20 2018

    My daughter has mouth ulcers very often what is the solution for it

    Jyothi Sep 20 2018

    @Jyothi do not be scared. Many children suffer from mouth ulcers at different times. Two things to keep in mind and it will hopefully get better in a week or so. Vitamin B Complex tablets, which are easily available and consumption of water( around 2 -2.5 litres a day). In case it does not get resolved, then please do consult a doctor to check if she has any digestive tract disorder. Hope this helps!

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