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    Are you a parent of a pre-schooler, who is concerned about your little one's nutritional needs? Join our discussion to clear your doubts, share your journey, know from our experts and explore more about nutrition for your child. ... more

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    • Aug 13 2018


    Prabha Aug 31 2020

    Hi everyone, my 4 year old son pukes often while eating rice only. What to do? He is eating insufficient at the meal time due to this and later he is eating cookies and junk food to fulfill his hunger. It's bit frustrating to me. Any suggestions

    Prabha Sep 1 2020

    @Prabha Dear Parent,

    It must be upsetting when your child is not eating the food cooked at home with love and care and prefers packaged food!

    Here are some tips that you can try to get your child to eat healthy home-cooked food.

    1. Make meals interesting - Children love colours! Add a variety of vegetables in his meal. Use a cookie cutter to cut veggies into different shapes. You could try this with fruits as well. This will get his attention.

    2. Add variety - Try new foods and change the menu! This is one of the key components of healthy eating. If you give the same food every single day, the child is likely to lose interest.

    3. Follow mealtime schedule - Having a consistent mealtime schedule is important to develop healthy eating habits in children. Try to keep meals and snacks scheduled around the same time each day. Following a mealtime schedule can help prevent hunger-related tantrums.

    4. Involve him in cooking - The best way to involve children in cooking is to just let them watch you cook. Set a safe place for your child in the kitchen and give him wooden spoons and whisks to play with. You can even involve him while selecting fruits and vegetables and while setting the table.

    5. Give options - Give your child options when it comes to eating. If he doesn't like rice, try replacing rice with millets (finger millet, foxtail, samai etc). You could also try different foods made using wheat and legumes.

    6. Always have an alternative - If your child is asking you for sweets or cakes or cookies, instead of saying no, offer him homemade treats. If your child likes cookies, bake cookies with him. It will definitely be healthy and hygienic compared to a store-bought pack of cookies.

    Please do follow these tips and let us know how it worked out for you.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 19 2020

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    Team ParentCircle May 12 2020

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    Team ParentCircle Feb 12 2020

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    Kavita Mahesh Sep 9 2019

    Is it ok to feed health drinks to 3 year olds? By health drinks I mean Bournvita, Pediasure or Horlicks. My kid does not like plain hot milk, and I was wondering if I can give her one of these? Please help!

    Kavita Mahesh Sep 9 2019

    @Kavita Mahesh Hello Kavitha, I have had bournvita and horlicks when I was a child and have given my kids too when they were little. I never liked plain hot milk and for me milk tasted better with horlicks or bournvita.

    Milk is considered a healthy drink, so all moms would want their children to benefit from it. Since toddlers and children beyond that age need more solid food and eat a variety of dairy products like cheese, yogurt, butter etc., even if they miss drinking a glass of milk here and there, dont worry. I think they should enjoy their glass of milk with their favourite flavour. Even turmeric and cardamom change the taste of plain milk and some children enjoy milk in the form of hot or cold chocolate milk.

    I have also given pediasure for a few weeks to one of my kids because she liked pediasure- strawberry flavour a lot.
    Hope this helps:)

    Kavita Mahesh Sep 11 2019

    @Kavita Mahesh Thank you so much for your help, Roopa. With so many people saying for and against the same thing it becomes so difficult to take a call.

    Kavita Mahesh Sep 11 2019

    @Kavita Mahesh Dear Parent,
    Commercially available health drinks may not be advisable because they are high in sugar. Children refusing to drink milk is one of the first problems every parent tends to face. However, milk should be a part of the child's diet to meet his/her nutritional needs, especially calcium. There are ways that can help your child to get used to drinking milk.
    The best way to get your child drink milk is to add some healthy flavoring. Add a few dates to the milk for added taste.
    Another option is to puree strawberries or other fruits into the milk.
    You can also make your own health drink mix at home. You can use ragi, jowar, nuts and other millets to make the health mix. This mix can be cooked with milk.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 29 2019

    Trying to feed a baby who is suffering from a bad cold could pose quite a challenge. So, what does one do in such a situation? Here are some foods that can make your little one feel better.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 15 2019

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    Team ParentCircle Feb 11 2019

    This article helps you understand how fish helps in enhancing your childs brain development. It also deals with contamination and allergies associated with fish consumption.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 20 2019

    @Team ParentCircle My 7 year old son hates fish. I have tried so many types of preparations with different varieties of fish, but he throws tantrums. Fish is a very important part of our diet at home, and it becomes very difficult for me to make him understand that. What can I give him in place of fish and how can I make him develop a liking for fish?

    Team ParentCircle Jul 5 2019

    @Team ParentCircle If you have tasted crab cakes, they taste similar to our South Indian masala vadas. Meat tastes different. Try to substitute crab meat with fish meat. Your child might enjoy it.
    Here is a recipe I found -https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/19489/maryland-crab-cakes-ii/

    You could also try vegetable balls in garlic sauce and mix some fish meat in the vegetable balls.
    He might develop a liking towards fish as he grows up but for now, since its an essential part of your diet, try to hide it in certain foods and offer him. It would be nice if he likes the taste and enjoys his food. So it might help to hide fish in the dishes he likes in a creative way.
    If he still doesnt like, its better not to force him. Other than the taste of fish meat, there could be more reasons why he refuses, like he might not be feeling good after eating it or could have a mild allergy. Its just a possibility and a guess.
    Do try some creative recipes and share with us too.
    Hope this help. All the Best :)

    Team ParentCircle Jul 8 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Dear parent, this must be quite frustrating for you. My immediate response to your question is not to force your child to eat what he indicates a strong dislike for. Research has consistently shown that when coerced into eating certain foods, children develop life-long aversions to those food items. So if you really want your son to eat fish, don't force him! There are still other strategies you could try to get him to eat fish:
    1. Does your son dislike the smell of fish? Many people cant stand the strong smell of fish and its completely natural. If that's the reason, it is possible that over time he may grow accustomed to the smell.
    2. As you said you have tried different preparations and varieties of fish. Have you tried to involve your son in shopping for fish? Have him accompany you to the fish market and point out to different sea food varieties, whether the fish is fresh or salt water, which parts of the world that particular fish is mostly eaten, etc. The idea is to get him curious about fish and its use in cuisines the world over.
    3. Have you involved him in cooking fish? When you're cooking fish, have him give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Show him different methods of cooking fish- from frying to baking to making a curry. Help him see how the fish changes in colour, texture, etc. when cooked.
    But even as you try the above ways, ensure you dont force him to eat. Let him indicate whether he would like to eat it or not. Simply offer without the expectation that he will eat.
    4. Fish provide an array of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and protein that are important for your child's development. So, get creative to get your child to eat fish. You can swap one ingredient for fish in the dishes your child already enjoys, such as sandwiches, pasta or a cutlet. Food that can be dipped into sauces seems to be more enticing for children. So, you can cut fish into chunks and grill them as lollipops or even make fish fingers.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 3 2019

    Include nuts and dried fruits to your childs diet as they are a good snack option which is not only healthy but also tasty.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 25 2019

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    Team ParentCircle Jan 28 2019

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    Team ParentCircle Jan 16 2019

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    Team ParentCircle Dec 31 2018

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    Team ParentCircle Dec 31 2018

    @Team ParentCircle As you tip-toe out of your sleeping toddlers room, you hear her coughing. Fret no more! Here are some home remedies that may offer her relief.

    Sindhu Shivalingam Oct 31 2018

    Are cucumbers really bad for cold/sore throat? I packed cucumbers to my child who already has a cold. I feel terrible!

    Sindhu Shivalingam Nov 2 2018

    @Sindhu Shivalingam I understand that you may be feeling concerned, but do not worry cucumbers do not aggravate cold. I feel it is more of a myth. Also, many doctors even suggest that it is does not worsen the cold. You can make your child do warm water gargles and she will get better!

    Team ParentCircle Oct 31 2018

    Festivals like Diwali means eating a lot of sweets and snacks. As parents, sometimes we may pamper our children with more sweets, junk, chocolates and desserts, especially because we are in the festive spirit and do not mind our children, eating a little more. But, don't you think that too much sugar can be harmful for your child and even you? Share your thoughts about how you plan to regulate the sugar-intake in the festival time? Here are a few tips from us, click here https://www.parentcircle.com/clipbook/how-much-sugar-should-children-have/

    Team ParentCircle Oct 31 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Kids should try to have as less sugar as possible. Sugar, if taken in large quantities, can prove harmful for kids.

    Team ParentCircle Oct 31 2018

    @Team ParentCircle It is good to take 3 - 6 teaspoons of sugar daily for children

    Team ParentCircle Oct 31 2018

    @Team ParentCircle I'm not sure about white sugar, but i prefer to give my son palm sugar or honey. I feel its safer.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 26 2018

    Are you concerned that the milk you give your preschooler contains additives and artificial hormones? Why not try out organic milk? To know more about the benefits of organic milk here is a short read for you. Click here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/why-organic-milk-is-good-for-your-preschooler/

    Team ParentCircle Sep 26 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Milk is considered an essential part of a childs diet. However, regular milk may contain additives that can cause health problems. So, why not switch to organic milk?

    Shirley Johanna Aug 14 2018

    Is your child addicted to chocolates and candies? Try replacing sweets with nuts or slices of apple, pineapple and strawberries.

    Shirley Johanna Aug 20 2018

    @Shirley Johanna Thank you so much, Shirley, for sharing this tip with us! Dry fruits, nuts, and cut fruits are definitely a good option to replace chocolates and candies.