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    Want to keep your home pest-free? Try these eco-friendly tips

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    Are you looking to keep flies and ants out of your home without using toxic chemicals? Here are some natural home pest control tips to get rid of them forever

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    Want to keep your home pest-free? Try these eco-friendly tips

    It’s one of those early mornings when you’re feeling insanely hungry and want to grab a snack or two from the kitchen. But, to your horror, when you switch on the lights, you find that an army of cockroaches has invaded your kitchen. Now, that can be an unsightly and frustrating experience!

    Pest infestation is a major headache for homeowners. Apart from cockroaches, other common pests, including houseflies, lizards, rodents, and ants, can pose a serious health risk to you and your family.

    Are you feeling helpless about the situation? If insecticide sprays and poisoned baits have failed to kill these pests, maybe it’s time to use some organic pest control solutions for the home. Try these homemade organic pest control methods to keep bugs out of your home, kitchen, and pantry without the risk of exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

    Natural ways to get rid of common house pests


    Basil or tulsi is a common aromatic herb that acts as an effective fly repellent. Growing basil is incredibly easy, as it requires very little care. The plant can be placed near entrances or windowsills to prevent the flies from getting inside.

    Alternatively, you can use essential oils such as eucalyptus oil or lemongrass oil to wipe and sanitize the kitchen counter, dining table, and other food preparation surfaces to get rid of houseflies naturally.


    Ants can be a tough pest to handle, as they can access your kitchen through tiny cracks and openings in their search for food. Just killing the visible ants doesn’t solve the problem. Finding and eliminating the ant nest is the only way to reduce the infestation. A bait made of DE can be very effective in eliminating ants from their source and is also a natural way to get rid of ants.

    Ants leave a trail of pheromones around your home that alerts other ants. White vinegar helps to repel ants by eliminating these chemical trails. Wipe all hard surfaces, including the kitchen counter and floors, with white vinegar. Here’s another tip: Sprinkle pepper, chili, or cinnamon—or place garlic, clove, or cucumber peels—in areas where you often see the ants. Ants will try to avoid these strong-smelling agents.

    Try this herbal ant spray that is safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Spraying it continuously in the affected area will repel ants for almost 4-6 months.


    Lizards are common pests found in houses that are surrounded by vegetation or houses that are close to plants and vegetation. Most lizards hide during the day and come out during the night to hunt for insects. Often, one will find them climbing on the walls looking for prey such as insects, flies, and spiders.

    While most lizards native to India are harmless, their stool can be hazardous in case they lay it on any uncovered food leading to food poisoning. Airing out cabinets where lizards can hide during the day, placing a paste of onion or garlic near places where lizards are found, pepper spray, and placing empty eggshells are some ways to prevent lizards from entering the house.

    You can try out this non-toxic herbal lizard spray that consists of lemongrass, cedarwood, and neem tree oil. It is safe to use around family and pets.


    Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a non-toxic natural powdery compound that abrades the waxy layer of a cockroach’s hard exoskeleton. This causes the bug to dry out and die of dehydration.

    To get rid of cockroaches naturally, sprinkle a thin layer of DE in places frequented by cockroaches— behind the stove, inside cupboards, near the drain, and damp spaces. You can also mix some DE with flour and honey and make little balls out of the mixture to use as bait. The roaches will carry the bait back to their nests, where the DE would help to kill the remaining roaches as well.


    These pests can be devastating for your wooden fittings, furniture, doors, and windows. If you want to use a natural anti-termite treatment method, try using cayenne pepper. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper damages the nervous system of termites and kills them. Make a paste by mixing cayenne pepper with vegetable oil. Apply it to the problem areas for four or five days. You can also try sprinkling the powder generously on termite-infested spots. Sprinkling DE is equally effective in killing termites.


    The presence of mice in your home can be quite an unpleasant experience. Apart from contaminating the food, these troublesome rodents can damage appliances by chewing through wires. If you don’t fancy the idea of using a mousetrap to catch and kill them, try a natural rat control remedy to halt their entry into your home. Mice dislike the strong scent of peppermint, as the menthol compound in peppermint can irritate their nasal cavity. For this obvious reason, spraying peppermint oil around the house is quite effective in repelling mice. You can also grow peppermint plants around the house to keep these rodents away.

    These environment-friendly pest control measures may not give quick results but are incredibly effective in keeping pests out of your home. You can expect healthier long-term results without compromising the safety of your children as well as your pets.


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