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    Myths and Facts

    All about Nutrition!

    Myths and Facts

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    For years we’ve been told that eating foods rich in fats will aid in weight gain, raise our cholesterol, and cause varied health problems. But the fact is 'not all fat is the same'.

    'Good' fats such as unsaturated fats are known to be beneficial for us in many ways.
    So, next time you go shopping, look in for the the percent of unsaturated fats in your product nutrition list :)

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    To identify hidden sugar, fat and sodium in the product, look at the list of ingredients -

    Hidden Sugar:

    1. syrup (e.g., corn syrup)
    2. words ending in 'ose' (e.g., fructose, sucrose, maltose, dextrose)
    3. added sugar (e.g., fruit nectars, concentrates of juices, honey, agave and molasses)

    Hidden Fat:

    1. Partially hydrogenated oil, trans fat

    Hidden Sodium:

    1. Disodium guanylate (GMP), Disodium inosinate (IMP), Monosodium glutamate (MSG), Fleur de sel, Himalayan pink salt, Kosher salt, Rock salt, Sea salt, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium nitrate, Sodium citrate

    Reading food labels helps you make healthy food choices. Food labels give you important information such as the number of servings in the product, serving size, calories per serving, amount of nutrients and ingredients used to manufacture the product.