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    My 4 year old hates rice, idli, roti, sambar and curd.

    Today for lunch he only ate a couple of frozen nuggets! Hes put about 1 kg on in 6 months. Any suggestions? ... more

    • Natasha saxena
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    • Jan 4 2018


    Team ParentCircle Jul 16 2018

    We can see how concerned you are about your childs food intake. Kids have varied preferences for certain foods and will totally dislike others. It might be helpful to ask him what he likes and although it may need more effort on your part, it would help you build a warm relationship with him. Probably he is trying to explore his tastes. You can encourage him to eat healthy by using creativity in your cooking. For example, you can make the normal roti or dosa in a shape he likes; encourage him to roll out the roti or spread the dosa with your help. His involvement can spark his interest. You can add lentils in vegetables and other dishes too. You can fry the idlis in ghee and serve it with a tooth pick and name it fried rice cake etc.Once he begins to enjoy his food, he is more likely to become healthy. Involve him in physical activities and lots of play; kids have ample energy. Any outdoor activity or a normal walk with your child down the road will keep him active. Here is an article on how to enjoy healthy and happy family cooking: https://www.parentcircle.com/article/how-to-enjoy-healthy-and-happy-family-cooking/

    Neha Verma Jul 15 2018

    Seems you spoke my mind... even mine doesn't eat all the above.. but I give him what he loves, and that's lady finger... Get to know his fav and make him eat that .. atlst that says there's something good going in him .. I've also started a little natural oil massage for him, which has increased his hunger ... You can try doing this .. elders in my family found some link and asked me to do this and it's worked .. touch wood..

    Priya Kathpal Jan 5 2018

    How about offering things like veg or chicken pattice/cutlets made at home. They will be appealing but healthy too.

    Priya Kathpal Jan 6 2018

    @Priya Kathpal Thank you. Let me try.