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In our November 2019 issue: What do children want from you?, An exclusive interview with Dr Vijay Viswanathan, Rights your child should know, Science-Fun at Home, Snacks from a child chef, and more...

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What Do Your Children Want From You?

By Team ParentCircle

In our cover story this month, we hear from the voices that matter – what the children of today actually want from their parents.

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I Awarded Myself The Title 'Worst Mother 2014'

By Antara Pandit

Here’s a dose of inspiration from Antara, who not long ago awarded herself the tag ‘Worst mother 2014’ but is today a guilt-free and happy parent.

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‘A Child With Diabetes Can Lead A Normal Life’

By Team ParentCircle

Diabetes in children is emerging as a new concern for families. A leading diabetes expert throws light on the various aspects of the ailment in children.

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Infant Care Dos And Don’ts

By Divya Ramesh

Infants add so much life to a household, but there are various dangers they can run into. Here are tips from one mom who is trying her best to keep her little one safe.

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‘Rights’ Your Child Should Know

By Divya Sainathan

Does your child know he has the ‘right to relax’? Well, if your eyes nearly popped out on seeing this, read on as we present a list of fundamental rights your child needs to be aware of.

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Scrapbook of Happy Memories

By Team ParentCircle

Get your child to make a simple scrapbook of her favourite experiences/memories. And on Children’s Day, during the #GadgetFreeHour, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., recreate some of these memories!

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Science-Fun At Home

By Dr Shonali Rathi

Is your child simply rote-learning science concepts without fully understanding them? Here are some simple, fun science experiments that can be done at home with your child.

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Ask the Expert (November 2019)

By Team ParentCircle

Dr Sulata Shenoy, a renowned child psychologist, answers your questions on how to develop your children's talents, and build competence and versatility in them.

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Snacks From A Celebrity Child Chef

By Little Chef Kicha

Say ‘Hello’ to Little Kicha, an eight-year-old aspiring ‘astronaut chef’ who dreams of inventing an oven that defies gravity. Find out what he enjoys making (and eating) regularly after school.

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Me, My Bike And My Son…

By Rajesh Viswanathan

Read the story of a father who loves to connect with his child in ‘natural’ ways.

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