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In our May issue: Coping with social distancing post lockdown, Building resilience in your child, Mother's Day quiz, Fun activities, and more.

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Social Distancing Post Lockdown: Tips To Cope


The lockdown could end soon. But life may not return to the good old days for a while – no playing in large groups, and no unnecessary outings. Get ready to cope. We are here to help.

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Building Resilience In Children During Lockdown

By Nalina Ramalakshmi

Help your child overcome the stress and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic by building resilience, the ability to bounce forward from a difficult situation.

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Together At Home From Chaos To Harmony 1

By Nalina Ramalakshmi

What happens when families suddenly have to live together 24x7 within the confines of their home? Could it lead to chaos? Or could families spend this time together bonding in harmony? Find out.

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By Team ParentCircle

It’s those little moments that weave in together to make your relationships beautiful. This Mother’s Day, hear what some members of the ParentCircle family have to say about their special 'mom'ents.

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How To Boost Your Child’s Immunity

By Luke Coutinho

With Covid-19 turning our lives upside down, your number one concern is most likely your child's immunity. India’s best-known holistic lifestyle coach tells you what you can do.

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Children And Play In The Time Of Lockdown

By Divya Badami Rao

During these times of uncertainty, it’s important to encourage and support your child’s play. Here are 10 ways to provide open-ended and inviting play environments for your child.

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Activity Korner (May 2020)

By Team ParentCircle

Get your child to try these fun activities.

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10 Fun Things to Do With Young Children

By Deepthi Balasunder

Wondering how to keep your little one entertained at home? Well, you’ve got to read this. Here are 10 fun activity ideas to liven your family time!

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Activity Sheets

By Team ParentCircle

Here are some interesting worksheets for your child (6 to 12 years) that can help him grow in confidence and keep him engaged this summer. They are also an excellent way to connect with your child!

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4 Recipes Children Can Make

By Maathangi Iyer

Cooking can be a lot of fun. Exploring with food provides your child with a rich sensory environment. When in kitchen, your child will do quite a bit of learning too.

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12 Best Animated Movies For Kids To Watch

By Sahana Charan

Here are 12 of the best animated movies that should be on your child’s must-watch list.

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Planning For The Rainy Day

By Dr AV Senthil

Has COVID-19 touched base with your biggest fear – your financial stability? Time to revisit your plans. A well-known investment banker tells you how.

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