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This May marks ParentCircle's 8th Anniversary! This special Anniversary edition is full of inspiring, moving real-life stories from Parents like you.

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I Am Amazed At My Body's Potential To Let Me Have A 'Natural Delivery'

By Kamana Gautam

Kamana Gautam is a certified nutritionist and lactation counsellor — and a mother of two. Kamana's Instagram handle 'mycocktail_life' is full of inspiring thoughts for mothers.

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How I Named My Child

By Team ParentCircle

Some parents put in a lot of effort and time to come up with a name for their baby. And for some it’s a fun or spontaneous moment or spark.

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Breastfeeding Has Been Tougher Than Delivery For Me

By Divya Ramesh

Divya Ramesh has her hands full keeping an eye on her curious and adventurous ten-month-old daughter, and loves coming up with crazy games to entertain her.

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That Very Night, He Underwent His First Direct Blood Transfusion

By Vasudha Narasimhan

Vasudha is a part-time designer, blogger and social media influencer and a full-time mom to two children aged 13 and 5. Follow her thoughts on instagram @vasudha.dilip and

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Most Challenging Moments As A Mom

By Team ParentCircle

Motherhood is a fun ride but it is also filled with ‘Oh my gosh’ moments, just the way some of these first-time moms discovered.

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When Baby Ate A Cockroach Egg....

By Divya Sreedharan

Divya loves exploring cafés with her son and husband. She believes a healthy and happy parent is a wonderful role model and of course, also a great parent!

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Why Should Moms Have All The Fun?

By Pushparaj Santhosh

Pushparaj is a cinematographer, filmmaker and yes, a doting father to his three-year-old daughter, Maya.

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I Innovate And Raise Myself As A Parent

By Kirti Yadav

Kirti is a mompreneur and her journey started immediately after her daughter was born. Her first startup was Plattershare, a platform connecting foodies across India.

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My Daughter Sees Me As An Independent And A Strong Individual

By Mansi Bareja

Mansi lives with her daughter Mira in Bengaluru. She owns and runs, Shot Stories by Mansi – a candid photography venture.

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Parenting 101 Handling Tantrum With Humour

By Sindhu Sivalingam

Sindhu loves creating meaningful and fun memories with her three-year-old. She believes the experiences her daughter brings into her life, helps her grow. S

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Sustainable Fashion For My Child

By Ruchi Bhalla Sachdev

Ruchi is one of the leading mom bloggers in the Indian blogging community. She blogs about fashion, travel, lifestyle, food, books and art.

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Moms And Dads Are The Best Therapists

By Team ParentCircle

Children on the autism spectrum do not suffer from a disability. Two parents show that all it takes to understand their world and bridge the gap is effort, patience and yes, love.

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How I Learnt Urdu Because Of My Daughter

By Deepthi Balasunder

Deepthi B is an online published author, who revels in the magic of words and the simple joys of life. She enjoys long drives and road trips, and is a total movie buff!

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Around The World… With My Tiny Tots

By Mandavi Jaiswal

Mandavi Jaiswal is an Indian award winning Travel and Parenting writer. She is dedicated to raising healthier, happier kids . Exploring off-beat destinations is her healthiest addiction.

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My Children Understand Each Other Better With Every Fight

By Aanandana Garg

Aanandana Garg is an interior design consultant, philanthropist and a hands-on mother. She has won the titles of Mrs. India Splendid Star 2017 & Mrs. India Remarkable West 2017.

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That Night, Something Changed In Me

By Ashok Kumar

Ashok loves to have fun with his two children Sai Dheepak Kumar (8) and Sai Varshitha (6), making funny noises and silly faces. Ashok is also the SEO Manager at ParentCircle.

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My Son Is Teaching Me How To Find Joy In Mundane Things

By Aarthi Arun

Aarthi Arun is a writer from Chennai, who currently calls Toronto her home.

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I Found A Solution To Liberate My Child From Gadgets

By Monali Bordoloi

Monali plays the bad cop to her seven-year-old daughter as she insists on tidiness, manners and finishing food on the plate. She also loves travelling to new places and checking out local markets.

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There's So Much More That Goes Into The Kitchen Than Cooking

By Ruchira Ramanujam

Ruchira shares the love for good food and good books with her 16-year-old daughter. She blogs at '' and has co-authored three vibrant cookbooks.

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I Couldn't Miss Seeing My Own Reflection In That Girl's Father

By Hitesh Sharma

Hitesh Sharma is the founder of EduPeer, a platform that connects students who are seeking guidance, advice or mentorship for higher education from people who have already gone through that journey.

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How Love All Came Into My Life

By Raju S Patil

From Tennis to Art, Raju's interests are many. He is a skilled calligrapher and an experienced photographer. He is also the Design Head at ParentCircle.

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They Have Not Come From Our Genes But Definitely From Our Hearts

By Parents who would like to keep it anonymous

You want to adopt that beautiful little soul, but wondering if it will all work out well? Here’s an inspiring story from a couple who have adopted not one, but two children.

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That's When I Felt My Little One Is No Longer A Child

By Team ParentCircle

Newborn to a toddler to a primary schooler to a preteen to a teen. And then one day, you realise your child is no longer a child.

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I Am A Stay–At–Home Dad And I Love It

By Rohit Moudgill

Rohit Moudgill is a communication professional with over 25 years of experience behind him. His blog ‘handzondad’ is an attempt to share his learnings as a father.

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Breaking The Teen Tension

By Team ParentCircle

Teens yearn for independence. They want to question you and all your decisions. It is the toughest parenting phase for many. Don’t fret. Instead, get inspired by these ‘peace-maker’ parents.

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