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In our March issue: Raising a 'mighty' girl, summer camps for 2020, Entrance exams: A ready reckoner, Down Syndrome: Simple activities for children, Math fun with riddles and games and more.

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Be Mighty My Girl

By Sindhu Sivalingam

You want your girl child to be confident and empowered. Your daughter must be wishing the same for herself. We help you build this dream together in our Women’s Day special cover story.

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Wake Up, Kid!

By Team ParentCircle

How do you get your young child to wake up from bed without battles? That’s the topic of discussion this month in our Parent-Expert series.

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Top interviews this month on (March 2020)

By Team Parentcircle

From a manhood expert to a super dad of six children; from a top educationist to a celebrated nutritionist, check out our top interviews on this month.

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Simple Activities For Children With Down Syndrome

By Divya Ramesh

The President of the Down Syndrome Federation of India and mother of a young woman with DS, talks about raising her daughter, in our special story commemorating World Down Syndrome Day (21 March).

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Do Children Need Supplements?

By Shirley Johanna

Many parents believe vitamin and mineral supplements can work wonders for their children. But are supplements really needed? Do they have any side effects? Take a look.

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Ask the Expert (March 2020)

By Team Parentcircle

This month, Dr Shilpi Srivastava, an experienced lactation expert answers your questions on breastfeeding.

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Entrance Exams 2020

By Divya Sainathan

From NEET to SET, all under one roof. Presenting a ready reckoner of the top entrance exams for 2020 to help you and your child stay on top of the season.

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Mathemagic At Home III

By Visram Ramachandran

In Part 3 of our 'Mathemagic' series, we present some interesting puzzles and games to help your child understand math concepts in a simple manner.

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Summer Camps 2020 Learning, Leadership, Adventure

By Divya Ramesh

Summer holidays are fast approaching. If summer camps are on your mind, get a head start with these unique options.

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'Wild' Holiday Ideas For A Cool Summer

By Mandavi Jaiswal

Travel is all about the experience. How about a ‘wild’ one? Your summer is about to get cooler and better.

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Books On Happiness for Happiness

By Sahana Charan

It takes only a book to make your child smile and see the joy in the little things of life. Check out Our Picks of ‘Happiness’ books.

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Delicious Evening Bites

By Ruchira Ramanujam

Allow your child to enjoy a delicious break in the evenings, with these power-snack bites, specially created to keep the energy and happiness levels high!

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