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In our June issue: Father Factor - Why Fathers Matter, 9 Smart Study Tips, getting your Preschooler School Ready, learning about Food Allergies, Father's Day Special Recipes, Meal-Planning and more.

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The Father Factor

By Sindhu Sivalingam

As we celebrate Father’s Day (June 16th ), we look at how an ‘involved father’ can make a great difference to a child’s life. Learn from real experiences and research in our cover story this month.

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Get Set, Go To School

By Dr Meghna Singhal

Starting school is a major milestone for children and parents alike. It involves a whole lot of emotional readiness. Here’s how to get started.

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Parent Expert New Circle Of Friends

By Team ParentCircle

We often worry about the negative influence our teen’s friendship can have on her. Are those fears legitimate? How do you handle the delicate situation?

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How To Talk To Your Young Child About Terror Attacks

By Aarthi Arun

We often protect our children from the harshness of the world by keeping them safe and secure in a cocoon. But, when terrorism and violence become a top headline, what do you do?

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Surviving Through The Loss Of My Unborn Child

By Saraswathi Santhosh

Pregnancy comes with a lot of emotions as you evolve into a parent. This real-life story of a mom who went through an unbelievable journey of emotions will touch you deep inside.

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Sleep Time Over Screen Time For Better School Time

By Amrita Gracias

In today’s world, it is a challenge to get adolescents to sleep, thanks to several distractions. How can you ensure your child gets adequate and quality sleep? Here are a few top tips.

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Meal-Planning For The School Week Ahead

By Aarabi Veeraraghavan

Vacations are over and you’re gearing up for the ‘box’ing bout again. Let’s make things easy for you and your child…

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Food Allergies In Children

By Shirley Johanna

In the first article of our brand new ‘Allergy Series’, we focus on common food allergies in children. Read on to know how to diagnose and prevent a food allergic reaction.

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Ask the Expert (June 2019)

By Team ParentCircle

Well-known educationist Chitra Ravi answers questions from parents on how a child's learning can be supported at home.

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Smart Study Habits For The New School Year

By Aruna Raghuram

The key to becoming an effective learner is to study smart, not hard. Help your child develop smart study habits as he begins his new school year.

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Our Picks Let’s Go To School

By Team Parentcircle

After days of unlimited summer joy, it’s time again for books, bags and boxes! Help your child step into a brand-new school year with these fun books!

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Back To School Gears A Guide To Make The Right Choice

By Rashmi Nagendran

Is your child ‘Gear’ing up for school? Make it exciting by shopping for school supplies together. Keeping things ready will also give a great start to the year! Get Set and Go!

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Father’s Day ‘Platter Of Love’

By Ruchira Ramanujam

It’s our Father’s Day special of cake, bake and lots of love. Surprise DAD with these simple, yet mouth-watering recipes.

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