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This July, take a look at parenting then, now and later. Read inspiring tips from board exam toppers, get a sneak-peek into Abacus Maths classes, colourful ‘Bento Box’ lunch recipes and more!

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The Changing Role Of Fathers

By Rohit Moudgill

From merely being a breadwinner to a hands-on parenting expert, the role of a father has certainly evolved over the years. We dig deep in our cover story, a Father’s Day Special.

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My Baby Loves My Spouse More Than Me!

By team Parentcircle

This month, in our Parent-Expert series, we look at what happens when your baby suddenly starts to prefer your partner over you? Is it normal or should you sweat over the changing preference?

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Folktales On Responsibility And Punctuality

By Team ParentCircle

In our series, ‘valuable lessons from invaluable stories’, this month, we present stories on two important traits that can shape your child’s future - responsibility and punctuality.

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Developmental Delay: Learning, Understanding & Thinking

By Sindhu Sivalingam with inputs from Mohammed Zaheer

In our series on early intervention, this month, we look at Cognitive Developmental Delay, or in simple terms, delay in thinking or understanding.

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Do You Panic When Your Child Has Fever?

By Dr. Rajath Athreya

Your child is down with fever. You’ve done everything you can, from syrups to sponges, and yet you can’t stop panicking! Yes, fever is ‘hot’ but you need to ‘chill’. Find out why from a paediatrician.

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Yoga Beyond Asanas Spiritual Self-Care For Modern Parents

By Varsha Venkatesh

International Yoga Day (June 21) is attaining meteoric significance lately all over the world. Hear it from an expert on how yoga can be the best self-care for modern parents.

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“This Academic Year, I Will….”

By Aruna Raghuram

Happy New Academic Year to your child! She must already be making resolutions in her heart. Do you want to help her see it to reality?

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Ask The Expert (June 2018)

By Team ParentCircle

Back-to-school is the theme in every household now, and you, as a parent, would be starting to feel the heat long after summer. Don't worry! Our expert answers all your queries in this regard.

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Raising A Reader

By Aarthi Arun

Here is a fun practice that can not only help boost your child’s intelligence and overall development, but also allow you both to bond. Read!

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Let Your Child Bond With Nature

By Amrita Gracias

Is your child always confined to the four walls? Is he missing out on the most natural human connection – nature? Here’s how you can re-establish the amazing bonding between your child and nature.

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Dive In To The Undersea World

By Team ParentCircle

On the occasion of World Oceans Day on June 8, dive in to these exciting books with your child, and celebrate the beauty and wonder of the blue expanse that covers 70% of our earth's surface.

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7 Amazing Weekend Break Ideas For Families

By Mandavi Jaiswal

Do you want a break from the heat, routine and the daily grind without too many ‘leaves’ at your disposal? Here are 7 handpicked weekend ideas just for you.

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Flavourful Lunch Recipes

By Aarthi Arun

Trying to figure out how to make lunch interesting for your picky eater? Worry not! Get ready to surprise your child with these healthy, delicious and colourful lunch recipes.

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