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In Our Feb issue: First crush: your story, #KeepCalmExamOn, Study Tips from 2019 topper, Foods to avoid exam time, Parent Quiz, Reading to your toddler… can be easy and more.

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The Story Of Your First Crush

By Sindhu Sivalingam

Remember your first crush? Does it make you smile even today? Fast forward – What if you learn your child has a crush on someone? How should you react? That’s our cover story this month.

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When Your Preschooler Disobeys

By Team Parentcircle

So, what happens when your preschooler tests limits, pushes buttons and stretches your patience? Find out in our Parent-Expert series this month.

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9 Questions Every Parent Must Answer

By Team ParentCircle

If you have a teen taking the boards this year, in all probability, your household is abuzz with activity (or nervousness). Wondering what should be your ‘right’ involvement? Take this quiz.

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Top interviews this month

By Team Parentcircle

From a famous television personality and an elegant left-handed batsman to a digital detox expert and 'Mr Eclipse', check out our conversations this month with personalities from around the world.

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Dental Care For Infants

By Divya Sainathan

We all enjoy that cute smile of our infants, but do we care for their tender teeth? This article tells you why it is critical to start early when it comes to oral hygiene.

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Is Your Child Eating Right This Exam Season?

By Anuja Agarwala

During the exam season, you often wonder if your child is reading right, but is he eating right? An experienced paediatric dietician tells us why your child's diet is important during exams.

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Ask the Expert (February 2020)

By Team ParentCircle

Krishna Raj, an experienced speech therapist, answers your queries related to speech development in your children.

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Headaches In Children

By Shirley Johanna

When your child comes up to you and says, “Mamma, I am having a headache,” it breaks your heart. Headaches are tough. What causes it in children? Can it be prevented? Any home remedies? Find out.

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Reading To Your Toddler… Can Be Easy

By Meghna Singhal

Looking for ways to get your toddler hooked on to books? Here are some tried and tested tips from a mom who surrounds her children with books.

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Mathemagic At Home II

By Visram Ramachandran

After an exciting intro last month, ‘Mathemagic’ series marches into Part 2 with some math games and tricks to stimulate and sharpen your child’s mind.

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Smart Study Tips From The 2019 CBSE Topper

By Divya Ramesh

With board exams around the corner, we present exclusive tips for success from the 2019 CBSE Class XII topper, who aced the exams without compromising on her hobbies or sleep!

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Activity Korner (Feb 2020)

By Team ParentCircle

Here is an interesting activity for your child to unwind this exam season.

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Muddy Puddles And Coconut Milk Teas

By Kamana Gautam

What happens when a mother and her two children go on a vacation to a forest? Hear it first hand from Kamana, a mother, who spent four days with her two little ones in the wild.

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Energy Eats For Exams

By Ruchira Ramanujam

The exam season is here. Time to keep your child’s energy high by whipping up some healthy sides and snacks that are wholesome and rich in nutrients. Here are our picks…

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Classic Children's Literature From Around The World

By Aarthi Arun

Here is a selection of classics originally written in different languages from around the world. Get your child to read the translated versions and open his eyes to cultures from across the world.

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