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In our December issue: Parenting lessons from 2018, Raising a Musical Child, Fun Games to learn Maths, the challenges of being a single parent, Christmas stories bakes and more!

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A Beautiful ‘Adoption’ Story

By Team ParentCircle

In this month’s coverage of ‘9 Months - Season 3,’ the web series presented by Firstpost, with ParentCircle as the Magazine Partner, we feature a discussion on a heart-warming ‘adoption’ story.

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First Aid Tips Fever, Cold and Diarrhoea

By Dr Rajath Athreya

In our first aid series this month, a renowned paediatrician talks about the two elements that bother most parents when it comes to conditions like fever, cold and diarrhoea.

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Ask the Expert (December 2018)

By Dr Nithya Poornima

Are you worried about your child’s fears or phobias? Dr Nithya Poornima, Clinical Psychologist from NIMHANS who works with children , answers questions from parents with the same concern.

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Fun Maths Games For Your Preschooler

By Aarthi Arun

Do you want your child to love maths as he grows up? Simple. Make maths fun! We present you with some fun games to make maths easy and exciting. It's a National Mathematics Day (December 22) special.

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What Happens In A Baking Class

By Shashwathi Sandeep

Wouldn’t it be great if your child learns to bake a spongy cake for you this Christmas? In our Learning series this month, let's peek into baking classes for a closer look at how baking is taught?

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Folk Tales on Christmas

By Team ParentCircle, illustrations by Saravana Kumar

Christmas fills the air with magic and yes, great stories. This month, our Folk Tales series looks at two stories that can help your child understand the very essence of the festival. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Treats For Your Taste Buds

By ParentCircle Readers

It's time for some Christmas treats, and here we have exclusive recipes sent in by our readers.

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Musical Movies

By Team Parentcircle

There’s music in the air as we step into December, the month that presents us with Christmas and Margazhi (Music festival). Check out 'Our Picks' of movies that will be music to your child’s ears.

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Let’s Stop Pollution

By Amrita Gracias

As we observe Pollution Prevention Day on December 2, let’s look at a few simple, yet efficient steps we can take as a family to tackle the serious (and urgent) pollution problem we are facing.

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