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In Our August issue read about Teen Friendships, CBSE Curriculum, Potty Regression, What to do when your Child Gives up Easily, Latex Allergy, Tasty Recipes inspired by Children’s Books and more.

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We Have Our Own Struggles, But We Still Have Each other

By Sindhu Sivalingam

Remember the first time you met your ‘best friend’? It was probably in your teens. Oh, those teen friendships – are they really valuable? Find out in our Friendship Day special cover story…

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Freedom And Boundaries: Your Teen Needs Them Both

By Saravana Kumar

Ever wondered how much freedom to give your teen? Not sure how to keep him happy, and yet not spoil him? How can you balance giving freedom with setting limits or boundaries? Read on to find out.

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When My Child Gives Up Too Quickly

By Team ParentCircle

Many children tend to easily give up when things seem tougher than usual. How can you get children to ‘stick with it’ when the going gets tough? We discuss this in our Parent-Expert series this month.

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Potty Training Regression Why It Happens And How To Handle It

By Dr Sulata Shenoy

Is your fully potty-trained child suddenly having regular 'accidents'? Here are tips to handle this unusual situation and help your child get back on track.

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Ask the Expert (August 2019)

By Team ParentCircle

Well-known lifestyle fitness and nutrition consultant, Mrinalini Sekar answers your questions related to the need and quantum of healthy physical activity for children.

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Insect Stings, Drug and Latex Allergies

By Shirley Johanna

The last article in our 'Allergy Series' focuses on allergies triggered by drugs, insect stings and latex in children. Read on to find out how to diagnose and prevent these allergic reactions.

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10 Little Known Facts From Indian History

By Roshen Dalal

As we celebrate our great nation’s 72nd Independence Day (15th August) we present a unique learning experience – little known historical facts about our country that your child will find captivating!

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All About The CBSE Curriculum

By Divya Ramesh with inputs from Lakshmi Saravanan

This month, in our Curriculum Series, we look at the highly popular CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), a method that’s coming of ‘age’ and adapting the changing needs of today’s world.

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DIY Birds Dangler

By Team ParentCircle

With Friendship Day approaching on 4th August, here is a simple, attractive gift that you can make for your dear friend. Try it out!

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Books, Food, Fun

By Ruchira Ramanujam and Ranjini Rao

If you and your child love to read and eat, here are some delightful recipes inspired from some famous children’s books. Read, Eat and Relish.

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The Preschool Book-verse

By Divya Sainathan

Is your preschooler eternally keen to read a variety of books? Look no further than Our Picks of these ‘dearly loved’ book recommendations from a mom.

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A Rich Tribaling Experience

By Varsha Venkatesh

Have you ever thought of exploring the beauty of tribal India with your children? How about planning for one? Here’s an exclusive list of some wonderful options to choose from!

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