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Presenting an exciting issue that talks about friendship trends in this digital age. Read exclusive article to boost critical thinking,healthy festive recipes, expert advice on teen nutrition and more

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Is Social Media Changing The Nature Of Friendship?

By Meera Mathews Marrate

Hugs, high five, like, tweet, poke, BFF, LOL, ILYSM… the list is endless. Welcome to the world of the ever-changing teenage friendships!

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Teach Your Child To Never Give Up

By Deepika Mohan

This month, in our ‘Super 10 for Success’ series, we talk about 'Grit' and 'Perseverance' - the key to rising against all odds and succeeding.

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LOL The Lighter Side Of Parenting (August 2017)

By Team ParentCircle

Parenting is like a crazy rollercoaster ride. You throw your hands up in joy and enjoy the ride most of the time. Here are some funny parenthood experiences shared by readers from around India.

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Girls and Sports: From Myth To Reality

By Pratibha Pal

With National Sports Day around the corner, we look at the benefits of letting our girls play sports. Read on for exclusive inputs on the subject from champion sportspersons.

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Nutrition For Teens: All You Need To Know

By Team ParentCircle

Are you worried your teen is ‘junking’ healthy food and eating junk food? One of India's best-known nutritionists guides you on how you can get your teen to eat healthy. It’s a ParentCircle exclusive.

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No Lying Around With Lice

By Amrita Gracias

We discuss the common, but bothersome, problem of head lice in school-going children. With tips from experts, you can get rid of these pesky parasites.

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Ask The Expert (August 2017)

By Team ParentCircle

Over the last month or so, there have been multiple reports of mosquito-borne diseases. Our expert Dr Rohit Narvekar tells you how to protect your child from these deadly diseases.

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Little Children, Big Questions

By M Jeyamary

Questions! Questions! Questions! A never-ending stream from our ever-curious young children. It requires patience to answer their questions. Read on to find out how.

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Digital Apps To Boost Your Child’s Critical Thinking

By Indhu Rebecca

Looking for ways to boost the critical thinking abilities of your child? Go no further than these super apps for six to nine-year-olds, recommended by a renowned educator.

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Activity Korner (August 2017)

By Team ParentCircle

This month, we celebrate our 70th Independence Day with exciting puzzles and activities that will get you and your child closer to India than ever before.

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Party With A Hat, Mug And Teddy

By Team ParentCircle

Pretend play and imaginative play comes naturally to children. Keep a few objects in a box for your child to play with and see the magic of pretend play come to life.

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A Healthy Twist To Festive Treats

By Ruchira Ramanujam

Festivals are all about food and celebrations. This festive season, try these easy recipes that bring the wholesome goodness of earthy grains, nuts and seeds, and natural sweeteners to your table.

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DIY Recycled Organisers

By Team ParentCircle

Get your child to her make her own organisers and watch her take pride in being organised.

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Diy Tips To Organise Your Child's Room

By Ranjini Rao

Fed up with the constant mess in your child’s room? Do not worry. Here are simple ways to get your child to clean up his room while also having fun.

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Books Celebrating Friendship

By Aarthi Arun

Many a story has been told about friends and friendships. Here’s our pick of stories for your child to read and capture the true essence of friendship.

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