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In our April issue: Ideas To Beat COVID Summer, The Coronavirus Shock - How to respond, How can Technology help Children with Autism, Preparing your child for KG, Yummy Mango recipes and more.

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By Sindhu Sivalingam

Has Coronavirus dented your family’s summer plans? Well, time to say YES to a completely different summer of Staycation.

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The Coronavirus Shock How To Respond

By Team parentcircle

A pandemic is not something we were prepared to see in our times. But, here we are in the midst of a global health emergency. We, at ParentCircle, get you.

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Top interviews this month on (April 2020)

By Team Parentcircle

From the world’s ‘greatest’ parenting mind to a stunning mountaineer; From the CBSE Spokesperson to an inspiring Paralympian – we have it all on…

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Vitamin- And Mineral-Rich Foods For Children

By Shirley Johanna

Vitamins and minerals are extremely important for your child's growth and development. If you are looking for sources that are rich in them, here’s ‘food’ for thought…

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Ask the Expert (April 2020)

By Team ParentCircle

Is your child sleep-deprived? Noted somnologist (sleep specialist), Dr N Ramakrishnan Nagarajan, answers your questions in this month’s expert interaction.

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How Does Climate Change Affect Asthma?

By Divya Sainathan

According to WHO, asthma is the most common, chronic disease that affects children. Does the rapid climate change the world is seeing, make the situation worse for children with asthma? Take a look.

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Mathemagic At Home IV

By Visram Ramachandran

We are back with Part 4 of our Mathemagic series, with more games and puzzles to tickle your child's brain.

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How Technology Can Help Children With Autism

By Team ParentCircle

In this special feature commemorating World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd, we look at how we can use technology to help children with autism.

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Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

By Aruna Raghuram

Wondering how you can prepare your child for kindergarten without sending her to preschool? Read on for some valuable tips.

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Mast Mast Mango!

By Ruchira Ramanujam

Ripe, juicy and full of flavour – the king of fruits is here to help us deal with the searing summer heat. Try these unique mango recipes and beat the heat…

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Movies To Watch With Your Child

By Sahana Charan

If you are looking for some unadulterated fun after the exam season, movie nights (and afternoons) could be your best bet.

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