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In our Jan issue: 12 parenting trends for 2020, Getting your child to think critically, Baby-led weaning, make math learning fun, a mother's pursuit to inner-peace and much more.

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Parenting Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

By Sindhu Sivalingam

Our first cover story of 2020 is here. As you look forward to a new year and a new decade, we present our Top 12 parenting trends to watch out for this year.

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Top Interviews This Month On

By Team Parentcircle

Starting this month, we present snippets from our conversations with the finest experts and celebs from diverse fields. Now, we meet Namrata Shirodkar, Victoria Dunckley, Sucheta Pal and Elina Wisung.

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What Did You Do At School Today?

By Moina Memon

Did your teen have a good day or a tough one at school? You are keen to find out, but you just cannot break the ice with him. How can you ‘connect’ with your teen?

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Can A Six-Month-Old Eat On Her Own?

By Divya Ramesh

Introducing solids to babies is a special moment, often celebrated as annaprasanam in our culture. But, instead of feeding babies can we get them to eat by themselves from Day 1? Read on and find out.

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Ask the Expert (January 2020)

By Team ParentCircle

Priya Kathpal, a renowned nutritionist answers your questions on children’s dietary habits and nutritional needs.

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Epilepsy In Children All You Need To Know

By Dr Prithika Chary

Seizures can be an unnerving experience. A renowned medical expert explains how with a little preparation, you can handle epilepsy with minimum stress.

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How To Develop Critical Thinking In Your Child

By Sriram Naganathan

Wondering how to develop your child's ability to think through a question or analyse a problem objectively? Read on.

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Origami For Kindergartners

By Rashmi Nagendran

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into attractive shapes, can be a great learning experience for your child. We explain the concept with some interesting do-it-yourself activities.

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Mathemagic At Home

By Visram Ramachandran

Is your child running away each time you talk about maths? Time to make maths what it really should be – FUN. Our new series 'Mathemagic' is tailor-made to make math-learning a fun experience.

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Exciting Breakfast Recipes For The New Year

By Celebrity Chef Ananya Banerjee

Welcome 2020! Have you figured out the best way to start the year? Let’s kickstart your mornings this New Year with these delicious, new breakfast ideas.

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Best TV Shows To Watch With Your Child

By Aarthi Arun

Love it or hate it – TV has found its way into most of our households. While prolonged screen-time is a big No-No, you sure can let your child soak in the goodness of these really good shows.

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Organise Your Child’s Study Space For The Exams Ahead

By Rashmi Nagendran

Wondering how you can make your child’s learning experience enjoyable? One way is to create a productive and beautiful study space that will make your child want to study.

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A Journey Of Self-Exploration Through Meditation

By Sahana Charan

A mother of a teenager, who strives to be a better parent and human being, shares her 10-day self-exploration journey. Read on to experience the ancient meditation technique – Vipassana.

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