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In our New Year issue: Make your year work with our perfect planner, nurture the science love in your child, the truths about vaccines from a vaccine researcher, harvest festival recipes and more!

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Raising A scientist

By Aruna Raghuram

Is your child a little ‘scientist’ who often dismantles his electronic toys to explore? Time to foster his inquisitive mind and nurture his scientific fervor. Here’s how to go about it.

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Always be Honest

By Team ParentCircle and Illustrations Saravana Kumar V

Storytelling is a great way to teach values to children. Here’s a story of two little elephants that teach your children the importance of following family rules and being honest.

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Dads Need Support Too!

By Team ParentCircle

New-age dads are not just hands-on. They are also very involved in several aspects of parenting. Do they face challenges, being the dads they are? We find out in our Parent-Expert series this month.

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Vaccines Safe or Not?

By Team ParentCircle

Dr Peter Hotez, a renowned vaccine researcher and a father of an autistic daughter, speaks to defy myths that surround vaccinations.

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Ask the Expert (January 2019)

By Team ParentCircle

Renowned fitness trainer and former physio of the Indian cricket team, John Gloster answers questions from parents on the importance of physical activity and fitness for children.

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First Aid for Foreign Object Intrusion

By Team ParentCircle

The panic that sets in when a foreign object gets stuck in your child’s throat, nose or ear is simply unimaginable. In our First Aid series this month, we tell you what to do in such an emergency.

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Aloe Vera for Amazing skin

By Monali Bordoloi

Are you a busy mom trying to get back to a simple yet effective beauty routine? How about using aloe vera, the wonder plant that offers amazing benefits?

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How To Get A ‘NEET’ Entry

By Team ParentCircle and Susan Philip

NEET is, technically, the only gateway for students all over India aspiring to secure a seat in medical colleges. How challenging is NEET? Does your child need extra coaching classes to crack it?

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Martial Arts For Your Child

By Shashwathi Sandeep

In our Learning Series this month, we look at two forms of martial arts that are gaining immensely in popularity in recent times – Taekwondo and our very own Kalaripayattu.

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Military Museums in India

By Mandavi Jaiswal

As we celebrate the 71st Indian Army Day on January 15, we take on a ‘museumical’ journey in our travel special this month. Join us as we explore the best military museums in India.

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Harvest Festival Flavours

By Ruchira Ramanujam

This harvest festival season, let your kitchens fly high like kites, as we bring in flavours from different parts of India.

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Books on Cleanliness

By Aarthi Arun

With National Cleanliness Day coming up (January 30), we present ‘Our Picks’ of books to help your child understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

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