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    3. #LockdownLearnings | What are the skills/ chores/ habits that were learnt during lockdown?

    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #LockdownLearnings | What are the  skills/ chores/ habits that were learnt during lockdown?

    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #LockdownLearnings | What are the skills/ chores/ habits that were learnt during lockdown?

    We've been at home for more than 2 months now and each of us must have tried our hands in doing something new or learning something new. Share with us some of the skills/ chores/ habits that you and your child have picked up during lockdown! ... more

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    • May 20 2020


    Prabha Jun 29 2020

    I m a lucky mother of two daughters ( 4 and 6 years old ). This lockdown was an opportunity as well as challenge for me. Opportunity to be wd d kids 24*7 ( whch otherwise I miss as I m a business women ) . It was a challenge more bcz to engross kids full day in one or d other activity is tedious , mind boggling and a roller coaster ride.

    Inspite of dz i was excited for the forthcoming days.

    In first fews days.. we ate together, slept togethr, played a lot f games like passing pillow, musicial chairs, lemon n spoon, clapping of hands, frog race , hand eye coordination etc and did activities like cycling,earbug painting, potato painting, cutting pasting , card making etc..

    Then came the time whn demands came for the tongue cravings.. Yes u thought it right.. Food fever..

    Since it was complete lockdown, satisfaction of this need was impossible from outside. It was now the time of trial and testing .

    I never knew this part of me. Initially started with baking a choco lava cup ( went complete disaster ) for my darlings.

    But soon after trials , my hands got used to cookin stuff..

    And aftr that series of dishes came out : Starters: Golgappa , papri chat, corn cutlet, Noodles, tandori platter, cheese chilly, samosas, etc

    Main course: Naan Daal, Sambhar Dosa, Fried rice, Chola Bhatura etc

    Dessert : Variety of Cakes, Donuts, Jalebi, rasgullas, Rasmalai, Kaju Katli, Besan Ladoo, Dry Fruits healthy bites etc..

    Now all these stuff have become normal day to day rountine..

    Lately we have developed some new hobbies like Hoola Hoop, Piano , Doodling and Soft pastels coloring..

    Some friends inspired us to post the dancing videos on social media and we r glad that people r loving it.

    In short, for me , this lockdown is a blessing in disguise as me n my kids had spent ample time togther, explored a lot of new hobbies and discovered a new bond of friendship with one another.

    With Love
    Swati Goel

    Kanisha May 25 2020

    Lockdown 1.0 started from 25th March to 14th April for 21 days. In this period, we did an amazing role shifting play. Parents daily roles and chores were taken by children with proper instruction as well as guidelines and Parents were allocated Children Task to be like a child and act like a child. Several skills that were picked during lockdown was accepting challenges day by day with energetic smile and contentment. We gathered lot of memories with the given tasks. Moreover, lockdown 2.0 consisting of 19 days was super fun with unlimited challenges. We did various activities by following summer camp organised by our enthusiastic ParentCircle Team. In addition to this, Lockdown 3.0 that covered half May was beautifully passed with writing challenges, Mothers Day challenges, unique monthly Birthday celebration by scavenger hunt game and so on. All in all, Our family followed the government rule to lock down at home by staying safe. We stayed safe by accepting lot many task, activities, challenges day by day with enthusiasm and happy feelings and emotions.

    Sheshay May 23 2020

    Sheshay May 23 2020

    Ankita Gupta Shabi May 22 2020

    I have started homeschooling my 3 year old. I teach her phonics, letter, numbers along-with games, rhymes and activities such as hopscotch, bowling etc.
    The learning that I am particularly proud of is how she has developed a practice of meditation with chanting. She sits comfortably without getting distracted for almost 3 minutes. #lockdownlearnings #alternativeeducation

    Suruchi Priya May 21 2020


    I think that we picked up the drawing skills..... During LOCKDOWN period we learn lots of drawing with enjoyment.....we are very happy Nd exited too.....

    Rupam Hebbar May 21 2020

    Amid Prolonged lockdown, in house chaos, boredom and high and lows of emotions; my 5yr old managed to take interest in few new things and looks enthusiastic every time he does that. New of his interests includes READING his story books on his own, mopping (he is always ready), learning multiplication (guess too early for his age), rolling chapathis, WhatsApp chatting.