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  3. #LockdownAwayFromHome | We're all in this together and you are not alone!

Anxiety and Stress

#LockdownAwayFromHome | We're all in this together and you are not alone!

Anxiety and Stress

#LockdownAwayFromHome | We're all in this together and you are not alone!

A lot of us are away from home and family during this lockdown. Maybe just a few streets apart, maybe different cities or even countries apart. We understand that it is not so easy to stay away from loved ones during such uncertain times. Share with us your feelings, challenges and experiences! Remember, you're not alone and we're all in this together, supporting each other! ... more

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  • May 11, 2020


Munma Bordoloi May 13, 2020

Bags packed, checklist done, three of us were super excited for our first international trip to celebrate our daughter's 4th birthday - gift of travel is what we have been gifting on every birthday.

March 5th - few cases in India and we panicked. 6th was our flight. We were worried, discussed but no conclusion. Unsure, puzzled, tensed - it was just like the last ball in the cricket match that would declare the result of the match.

Final call - cancelling - a mutual decision yet tears, frustration, fights. Everything crushed in few seconds; tough to recover from the shock for me specially. Unpacking our bags and making the child understand was toughest - trauma for us.

No backup plans for daughters birthday. Should we travel anywhere within India? UNSURE
Finally we went to Kolkata (3 hours from Kharagpur)- Science City was what husband suggested along with many other activities as per her taste. Science City became a big hit and that brought smile in our face and we had wonderful times still in heart sad for trip cancellation.
After 10 days, lockdown began. Only then we realized timely decision which broke our hearts was blessing in disguise.

Heres how we are dealing with lockdown in our home so far:
Washing hands, following advice and guidelines.
Family Time : Some activities together every day or simple sit-talk or dance or doing nothing etc.
Essential Items IIT Kharagpur has a small market in the campus so purchasing items following social distancing.
Exercise / Yoga everyday
Connected with family, friends, extended family over phone
Household chores - We share the load equally. Our daughter is learning life skills in this phase.
Cooking - Meal planner is what i have been following since last 4 years and thats truly helpful.
TV and other gadgets Less news. We both watch movies / web series together every day once our daughter sleeps. Almost ZERO screen time for the child.
Child - We are doing activities everyday with our child - simple, easy activities we can do with things available at home.
Tantrums The only way we found to handle child tantrum is attention, hugs, kisses, diverting her mind. Unending questions, cry without reason is part of our life though.

We are trying to remain positive though feels the weight at times. We are busy creating memories and capturing those in the camera so that these phase turn out to be a good lesson as well as wonderful memory. We are doing many things that we have never done earlier - we are imperfect individuals but make an awesome team. We are strong because we have to be strong hoping the phase ends and life is back to normal but wont we all miss this abnormal life that has become a habit now?

The only wish is when the lock-down opens the world respects Mother Nature.

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Place : IIT Kharagpur Campus, Kharagpur (West Bengal)

Munma Bordoloi May 13, 2020

@Munma Bordoloi

Wow what a wonderful write-up with smiley photo! I loved your pen down experience and thoughts.

Kanisha May 12, 2020

Lockdown 1.0, Lockdown 2.0, Lockdown 3.0 away from in-laws but locked at parental home. Yes during this uncertain times, it is not easy to stay away from our loved ones. Thanks to virtual world for connecting through digitalisation with our loved ones who are far away from us. Talking about feelings in this lockdown is good as engaging myself in writing, accomplishing tasks. I learned in this lockdown that self-discipline is the biggest asset. My challenge is to engage myself in more physical activities. Sharing about experience is that my focus accelerated in creativity as well as penning down with organised thoughts.