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    3. Let's break the silence around Autism. Tell us how we can increase awareness about Autism!


    Let's break the silence around Autism. Tell us how we can increase awareness about Autism!


    Let's break the silence around Autism. Tell us how we can increase awareness about Autism!

    As an individual what role do you think you can play to understand and increase awareness about autism. ... more

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    • Jun 21 2019


    Sayoni Mondal Jul 5 2019

    Mental health and physical health goes hand in hand. Autism is one of the mental health issue with less awareness. One of the best way to increase Autism Awareness is every 2nd April observed as "World Autism Awareness Day" with various themes. This theme can be continued not only for a day but for a year. For instance, 2019 theme is, "Assistive Technologies, Active Participation". 2018 theme was, "Empowering Women and Girls with Autism". 2017 theme was, "Autonomy and Self-Determination". 2016 theme was, "Autism and the 2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity".

    Sayoni Mondal Jul 10 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal That's informative Kanisha! Thanks for sharing!

    Satakshi Mehra Jun 26 2019

    Autism is a very difficult diagnosis for the family to accept. Accepting my 5 year-old's autism took a toll on my relationships, especially with my husband. However, with family support and professional guidance we are doing fine. It is important to extend counselling support to the family and caregivers of autistic children. And, I hardly see that in India.

    Satakshi Mehra Jun 26 2019

    @Satakshi Mehra I know from few friends who are dealing with this, that early intervention, care and support provided by the healthcare system abroad is different and very helpful as compared to India, where most of the support comes from within the family.
    I am not aware of how much support is being provided here but from their talks I understand that India should improve in this regard and there as some organizations that are working towards spreading awareness and providing training.

    paromita das Jun 23 2019

    As a mother with a child in autism spectrum I think the medical fraternity and educational Institutions must be given some important directives about how to handle special needs children, their requirements, their behaviour pattern, meltdowns etc(which many a times are misunderstood as disobedience or misbehavior),government must initiate awareness campaigns regarding autism, police force must be trained to identify individuals with special needs and help them whenever they fall victim (just the way it is done abroad).First & foremost we must collate all the suggestions given by parents and submit it to health ministry and also they must be made aware that parents have to shell out a huge after of money on therapies, supplements, medicines for kids year after year and hence the financial aspect of raising a child on spectrum must be also looked into.

    paromita das Jun 25 2019

    @paromita das So true, Ma'am. We believe that the need of the hour is to get multiple stakeholders to come together and take necessary steps to not only help children wit autism but also their parents and caregivers. The more we talk about it, more people will understand the gravity of the problem.

    Vidyut Verma Jun 24 2019

    Why is autism such a taboo? My younger brother who is 28 years old has ASD. He has Asperger's and is working in an MNC. He definitely has certain limitations that inhibit him from being very social but that does not deter him from being like other people. The more we normalise autism the better it is. Who knows it better than people who have it in their family. Thank you so much for this initiative Team ParentCircle

    Vidyut Verma Jun 25 2019

    @Vidyut Verma Congratulations to your family for helping your brother realise his full potential. And, thank you for sharing your story. More power to you! :)

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 25 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal Thank you so much for bringing these aspects to the forefront. Sympathy is not what families of children with autism seek alone. They want a support system in terms of governance and adequate facilities and we are trying to raise our voice for the same. Even if each one of us contributes our bit to increase awareness, can a movement happen!