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    Learning in 18 year olds and above

    Are you a parent of a young adult who is concerned about his/her learning and wants to know how to make their learning experience more exciting and fulfilling? Join our discussion to clear your doubts, share your stories, know from our experts and explore more tips and learning methods that can help them! ... more

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    • Jan 3 2019


    Ramani Varsha Sep 18 2019

    Life is all about constant unlearning and relearning! As a mother, I still continue to ensure that i learn something and share my knowledge with my kids and people around. I am a homemaker and that sets me at an advantage and disadvantage. Advantage is that I get more time than working parents and I make sure to put it into good use. Disadvantage is that I am missing out on a lot of exposure and interaction from other people. Learning is a life long journey! I shall and would suggest we all keep learning always!