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    Are you a parent of a newborn, infant or toddler who is concerned about his/her learning and wants to know how to make their learning experience more exciting and fulfilling? Join our discussion to clear your doubts, share your stories, know from our experts and explore more tips and learning methods that can help them! ... more

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    • Jan 3 2019


    Team ParentCircle May 27 2019

    My 2 year old has just started going to playschool. She insists on watching videos of the rhymes she has learnt in school, on our phones. If we deny her the same, she starts crying. What should we do?

    Team ParentCircle May 27 2019

    @Team ParentCircle I read somewhere that babies and toddlers shouldn't look at screen too much. First of all, she is aware that videos can be watched on mobile phones. Crying is her way of communicating and trying to check if crying works in her favor. Communicate with her that phone is mostly for talking to others or receiving messages and she can have it for few minutes only. Set limits. She may not understand if you tell her that too much screen time is bad for eyes.
    For a start, for a few days, avoid taking out the phone in front of her unless really required.

    There are times when we want children to be quiet for a while like when we are on an important phone call/meeting or when we are waiting in a line. These are the times when we usually let them watch something on screen or entertain themselves for a few minutes. This shouldn't happen too often. Watching rhymes on TV or computer/laptop for a few minutes should be ok but don't encourage giving her mobile phone too often just to avoid it from becoming an addiction.

    Also looking at screens can disturb their nap times. Avoid screen time in the late evenings before bed time or putting her to sleep might become an issue.

    Books are always better. Introduce her to colourful and age appropriate books. Help her to develop a love for reading. Enjoy singing rhymes with her and reading to her. Make it clear that screen time is limited to few minutes only. All the Best :)

    Team ParentCircle Jun 7 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Gradually try reducing the time you allow her to watch a video. Also, introduce her to bright, colourful books for toddlers to attract her and divert her attention to the beautiful world of books. If she insistes on watching a video of a rhyme, you may enact that with dramatization, funny voices and ask her to join you. I am sure she will gradually start moving away from the gadget.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 23 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Nailed it! I completely agree with you Mam!

    Team ParentCircle May 23 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Nice learning activities...Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and dollar tree have tons of items that inspire you to make a lot of creative items...For older kids too, with mom's help, they can make decorative photo frames, fun hand made ear rings, calendars, toys and lots of stuff. This will keep them engaged for hours and they feel happy to display them or gift their friends.