A Home-learning programme designed by experts in child psychology and early education so your child can reach their true potential

Little Learners@Home is designed to spark curiosity and creativity, and encourages your children to explore, discover, and learn through child-led and parent-guided activities.

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What you get in

Little Learners@Home

  • A monthly printed book of 100+ activities delivered to your doorstep

  • Weekly exclusive videos on storytelling, songs and activities

  • Weekly parenting articles

  • Weekly live parenting sessions on topics related to parenting, child development, learning, health, nutrition and more

  • Exclusive parent community support for preschool parents

A must have programme for every preschool parent to create an enriching learning environment in their home. Even just 15 minutes of your time engaging and interacting with your child can boost your child’s brain development.

A SNeak PeEk

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Parent Sheet
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Developmental Skills
Developmental Skills
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Tip for Parents
Tip for Parents
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What makes the programme UNIQUE

  • Strengthens parent-child connection

  • Promotes multisensorial learning through everyday experiences and use of objects from around the home

  • Keeps child engaged and away from gadgets

  • Involves hands-on learning, not just working with worksheets

  • Includes membership to an exclusive parent community for preschool parents

  • Includes developmental skills progression checklist

What experts have to say

monthly themes

Structured around 7 areas of learning


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