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ParentCircle is right here to help you and your child sail through the exam season without the STRESS. Tips from toppers, Expert views, Dos and Don’ts, Time management ideas and what not. All Feb only here. #KeepCalmExamOn!

Exam Updates

CBSE Board Exam 2020 - Latest Updates
Watch this space for the latest updates on the CBSE board examination. Catch all the latest news and updates on CBSE from exams to results right here!

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Exam Tips and Tricks

  • Make a study plan
    • Get your child to make a study plan for each subject and help her set up a study time-table. It is important that your child makes a practical timetable that takes into account breaks, extra-curricular activities and even time for the TV or mobile phone! The plan should include the chapters that need to be covered and the tasks that need to be completed within the specified time.
  • Take short breaks
    • While it may seem that the child can study many topics in one sitting, recollecting all this information can become challenging. The brain needs rest to be able to retain more information. Encourage your child to take a 5 to 7-minute break after studying for 45 minutes. This will go a long way in helping her retain what she has studied.
  • Switch between subjects
    • Instead of studying the same subject the whole day, it is best to switch between subjects in different categories - analytical, theoretical and creative. By alternating the subjects from these categories, your child's brain will be less stressed, and its retention power increases. For example, if your child has been studying math for 2 hours, encourage him to take a break and switch to social studies after the break.
  • Get enough sleep
    • Many students pull an all-nighter studying and therefore, wake up tired the next day. The mind and body need enough rest to recuperate and start afresh the next day. Good sleep is crucial for enhancing thinking skills, boosting memory and improving concentration.
  • Eat the right food
    • It is important to ensure your child eats a healthy and balanced diet during his exam preparation time. Let your child start the day with a high-carb, high-fibre breakfast. Keep plenty of healthy snacks like nuts and dry fruits available during study time.

Exam Tips Videos from Experts

  • Do you feel unsettled tense or anxious when your child says that he/she is not ready to take exams? Don't worry. We have you covered. Arundhati Swamy, a Family and Child counsellor, talks about calming oneself, acknowledging your child's feelings and listing their problems be it emotional or physical. Do watch!

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach in the field of Integrative Medicine, Luke Coutinho, speaks about how to manage stress levels during exam time and what nutrition you can provide your child to help her sail through the exam pressure.

  • Award-winning Stanford Professor, Denise Pope speaks about how to help your child stay calm during exams. She talks about fear and anxiety that can easily hinder your child's mind because of exam stress.

  • Does your child get distracted by phone calls while studying for the exams? Don't worry. We have you covered. Arundhati Swamy, a Family and Child counsellor, talks about getting your child to switch their phones off, removing them from their vicinity to avoid getting distracted and scheduling time to have phone conversations so that it doesn't take away from your child's study time. A must watch!

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