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    3. In an exclusive poll, 3% of parents said that they wouldn't repeat #GadgetFreeHour! Tell us why!

    Gadget Free Hour

    In an exclusive poll, 3% of parents said that they wouldn't repeat #GadgetFreeHour! Tell us why!

    Gadget Free Hour

    In an exclusive poll, 3% of parents said that they wouldn't repeat #GadgetFreeHour! Tell us why!

    We want to know from you why it is difficult to spare even one hour without gadgets especially when we can use that hour to spend enjoyable moments with our family. While many parents would want to have #GadgetFreeHour regularly, we wonder why the 3% of parents would never want to repeat it! Share your thoughts with us! ... more

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    • Nov 19 2019


    Team ParentCircle Dec 5 2019

    What have we become? I mean spending time with family is relaxing and refreshing. It is before them that we usually feel free, loved and cared. But today, we have become so attached to gadgets that real bonds of love and affection seem to feel suffocating. It is sad to hear this, honestly!

    Simi Ramesh Nov 21 2019

    It is actually disheartening to know about the 3% people who can't even spare an hour #gadgetfree !! I feel the only reason is they either don't realise the addiction that they are trapped under or that they don't bother about the importance of it in our social life. It is a pity that something so useful has not been able to bring a positive change in their lives. Such people need to be counselled before they can realise the importance of social bonding . They are getting trapped in the web of internet and unfortunately they are ignorant too!!

    Team ParentCircle Nov 21 2019

    Those who feel gadget free time is not to be repeated, they definitely have a lack of bonding in their families. Everyone wants to live their own individual lives. Then why bother about being a family, just to meet our needs of food, shelter and clothing?
    Feels sad to know that parents are reluctant to give up their gadgets even for their children.

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 20 2019

    In today's electronic era, gadgets are the comfort zone for parents and children. Gadgets are mind application where one can get focus, grab as many information as possible, connect with people, be in illusionary digital world. But as saying goes anything in excess is poisonous. Gadgets are addictive. Those who lack strength are unable to come out of the trap of addiction. In order to gain mental and physical fitness everything is to be balanced. To achieve ones dream, one has to work hard, has to come out of the comfort zone, has to go through several years of failures and struggles to taste the beauty of life. Today's bitter truth is everything is readily available but surprising thing is humans are lethargy and lack patience in achieving their desired goals and targets.