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    3. How will you teach your child the importance of Independence Day! Share with us!

    Joy of Celebration!

    How will you teach your child the importance of Independence Day! Share with us!

    Joy of Celebration!

    How will you teach your child the importance of Independence Day! Share with us!

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    • Aug 14 2019


    Suresh Kumar Aug 19 2019

    It was so nice to read all your various ways of teaching about our Independence! Thanks for sharing them!

    Smitha.R.P Aug 18 2019

    Our children are future citizens of the country. They will learn in history lessons about our country before independence ,patriotism and sacrifice of our freedom fighters who fought against British to get Independence. But all these will not create sense of patriotism in them because they are born in freedom free India.
    We should make our children to get up early in morning and dress them in white Khurtis ,watch live telecast of our Prime minister speech at Redfort . When the national anthem is sung we have stand still to respect our national anthem .This will create the sense of patriotism in them .Children will learn importance of independence day from school itself .They will clean , decorate the school ,participating in mass drill, Drawing on independence day topic , about unity in diversity, fancy dress and speech on freedom fighters help them to know more about our Independence day.
    More over children should be taught about the rights and duties of our country. They should be taught to follow rules in traffic , manners in road , about keeping the environment clean , safeguarding public properties .

    Rashmi Aug 17 2019

    A very happy independence day to everyone
    We all say "I am proud to be an indian" but do we ever think in what way are we contributing to our country so that we actually become a proud indian. We have to teach our children that celebrating independence day in true means is not just about posting on social media , enjoying the holiday , attending school programs etc. If we are celebrating on 15th of August then we also have to do all the duties of a responsible citizen throughout the year. In most of the schools children are made to pledge every day as a part of the morning assembly but they mostly don't keep the basic promises they make in the pledge towards the country. We can take small steps in order to bring a change in the society. Firstly, we should keep our locality/ surroundings clean. Each clean street will make a clean city and all clean cities together will give rise to a clean India(swachh Bharat).
    It has been 73 years since India gained independence but even today in some parts of the country women don't have the freedom that they deserve and become victim of rape, molestation etc.
    So we have to teach our children to respect every girl.
    Thirdly, we have to tell them to plant more and more trees and not to cut trees even for fun, should not pollute rivers and harm nature.
    Also, we should inculcate the values of honestly and loyalty towards the country and they should be taught that once they grow up they should'nt entertain or engage in corruption or any other malpractice.

    Mousumi Biswas Aug 16 2019

    @Mousumi Biswas Great way to teach children about the independence and what it actually means. Keep writing !

    Sayantani Ray Aug 14 2019

    Independence Day means freedom to us. Freedom to live without fear where the head is held high. Every time I teach my son about the great patriots of our country.... I tell him stories of them... Not only patriots there are people who love our country.. We should know about them respect them and follow their footsteps. My four year old might not understand everything but at least if he remembers the names then that will be enough. Recently we read about a story of Dr. Abdul Kalam where he asks the minister to plant 1000 trees if his mission gets successful. What a simple thought to save our mother earth! This is what our children should learn when we talk about independent India.. Jai Bharat! Jai hind!

    Sayantani Ray Aug 16 2019

    @Sayantani Ray A motivational way to inspire kids and i loved your way of doing it. Kudos to you !

    Shabnam Desai Aug 16 2019

    @Shabnam Desai Beautiful pictures

    Team ParentCircle Aug 15 2019

    As parents, raising patriotic citizens is a duty you owe the country. Here are a few effective ways to do this.

    Prabha Aug 15 2019

    At the time of hoisting the flag I will teach my child an importance of our soldiers toward our nation, "Our Flag doesn't fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it. We shouldn't fail to remember the big role our brave soldiers play to safeguard our nation. The time when we are celebrating occasions with our family, siting home safely with the sense of security and protection, they are busy fighting and protecting the borders. They sacrifice their happiness for our safety. A big salute to their bravery and courage."