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    Preschool and Primary

    How will you get your child off mobile phones?

    Does your Child's phone and gadget addiction concern you? Tell us what you can do as parents to help them get rid of this bad habit?
    Also, think about how you can spend less time on your gadgets and enjoy family-time more? Share your thoughts with us here and know from other parents like you! ... more

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    • Nov 30 2018


    Jeena Roseline Jul 10 2019

    Children follow what parents do or others around them do, right from a young age. So we ensure that we do not use mobile phones very often in front of them. I make sure I take them to places where people around also don't use mobile phones - kids play areas, parks, early morning beach walks etc.

    Sindhu Vinod Narayan Jun 7 2019

    Kids often imitate what parents do. So our bedroom is a screen free zone. We took to reading books before bedtime. This is actually working and singing rhymes to. I make it a point to ask questions on how her day was and what she did ? This increases vocabulary. Let's me know the words she has picked up that day from grandparents house. I'm trying to take away screen time slowly during meal time introducing puzzles.

    Rani Lakshmi May 8 2019

    This has always worked for us at home. We (myself and my husband) along with the children, follow basic tech usage rules. Children are constantly watching us and are doing what we do. If we tend to be on our mobiles for long, they too would want to do the same. So parents, once you start following what you want your children to be like, things will fall in place. You do not need to do anything exceptional. As they grow, there will be other external factors too that will affect them, but at least in the preschool age, its the parents they see and follow.

    Sportyze Dec 17 2018

    Sportyze Apr 10 2019

    @Sportyze Thank you for sharing! This is something I also follow for my kid and it really helps. My elder one was so attached to the computer and gadgets and I was determined to start spending more time with him and distract him from using gadgets. Slowly he also started enjoying these and became more interested in outdoor games, events, books etc,

    Team ParentCircle Mar 28 2019

    My 3 year old always wants the ipad or mobile or TV while eating. This is worrisome. He hardly eats if I do not show either of these. How can I change this habit at a young age itself? Please help.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 28 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Dear parent,

    Youre right in being worried. Screens and mealtimes dont make a good combination, because of the harmful effects they carry- screen distraction does not allow your child to focus on appetite cues such as taste, texture, flavours, quantity. The ads tempt children into wanting processed and junk food items. To pave the way for lifelong healthy eating, you need to lay the foundation for good eating behaviour starting now:
    Start by removing all screens during meal times, even for yourselves. Dont give in. Your child will initially fuss, maybe throw tantrums, but stick to the rule. If you give in, your child will learn to never eat without the screen. Initially, your child may not eat at all. But if youre serious about making the change, dont give in; your child will definitely not starve himself.

    Make mealtimes a family activity, with all the family members gathering at the dinner table. If your child needs to eat earlier than other family members, sit with him while he eats, talk about the different foods on his plate, make up stories about them.

    Offer the child what you eat as a family; dont prepare separate meals especially for him. If he refuses to eat, respect that decision. When he gets hungry after some time, offer him the same food item again.

    Dont store up snacks that are processed and thus unhealthy. For example, dont keep any chips, biscuits, chocolates, instant noodles, etc. in the house. When your child gets hungry, offer him fresh fruits, raw veggie sticks with homemade dips, or home-made fresh snacks. This will ensure a full tummy even if he refuses meals without a screen.

    Breaking any unhealthy behaviour pattern takes time and patience, but remember only you have the power to break it! All the best.

    Nandini aggarwal Dec 5 2018

    I love reading and making painting .love to dance as my children my doll also do this and not has time to spend in gadget because i totally avoid phone when my kids on home because kids follow me and i make an example doing yoga exercise and cycling and busy in this type of activities. So i rid my kids remove from this very easily because children want love and time.

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 4 2018

    Children usually follow their parents. If we a parent avoid cell phones or even watching television in front of them, automatically they won't get attracted towards them!! Play time outside the house if possible in a nearby park is very important for growing child. They will start making new friends learn new things. Parents should also keep a watch on their friends. Diverting their interest towards reading or listening to stories can also be done..