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    How to nurture the minds of the 21st century kids

    Do you think the old banking system of education wherethe educators act like depositors and thestudents are passive objects like empty buckets accumulating information? Need to hive a serious thought about the goals of education. The rapid change in knowledge era the students are active constructors of knowldege and bothe the teacher and the student learn and teach other. How can parents support? ... more


    Chakradhari Dec 18 2017

    Find what is not being taught at school. Find the skills that you can teach that can build their self worth and in turn will push their confidence at school/college. I can bet, schools know little on how the world will look 10 yrs down the lane and yet offer to teach and prepare a generation for times they have no clue of. In such times, it is the role of the parents who will be responsible to foresee into the future and build their kids accordingly.

    Swami Vivekananda wrote this a 100 yrs back - Today's Education is all wrong. The mind is crammed with facts, even before it knows how to think.

    And this is precisely the reason why some home schooled kids have turned out to be million dollar entrepreneurs and change makes in their teens. They made a choice to do what it takes to shape their young into great beings.

    Chakradhari Dec 19 2017

    @Chakradhari Absolutely second your thoughts. The aspects what we take care at home, and how we make our children handle things would make a significant difference in their lives when they grow up.