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    How to mingle introvert Children with surrounding people

    My son is 2.5 Year , he does not mingle with other so easily. Even if someone touches he will move back, kids want to play with him but he does not like this. Also he always want me and his Mom with Him. Kindly suggest some ways to tackle this ... more


    Devi Sep 4 2018

    Dear Pranshu Arora,

    Its good you raised the concern soon, if your son goes to preschool, it will provide a wonderful opportunity to observe other kids and learn from them the social skills. You shall ask the contact details of the class children and arrange regular play dates with other children. Initially arrange play dates at your place and make your child observe that the kids parents drop them and leave. Later you can start dropping in other children houses, although the initial attempts would be hard. The child will understand that you will return after sometime. This is the time to make the child realize that there an outer world other than parents to the child. This is becoming more common nowadays days due to single child in the family and over secured parenting. If your child is not yet started schooling arrange play dates with neighbors and cousins. We need to make the child comfortable with people. Take your child to child friendly public places such as zoo, beach and parks, where he gets an opportunity to see other children play.

    Mathari Aug 15 2018

    My brothers son also has a same problem. in any occasion he goes play alone with her mom. and dad after much persuading he plays with neighbour that too never mingle with everyone easily. At the same time he talks to his mom and dad very nicely, intellectually. he is now 5 years old. from 1 year he is like this.

    Mathari Aug 16 2018

    @Mathari Although the problem is similar, we need to see the situation differently because your nephew is now 5 years old. There must be some reason why he does not want to play with other children. Group play helps your child learn social skills how to listen to others, how to get others to listen to him, how to follow rules, how to make up after a quarrel or argument, how to understand feelings of others. Your nephew should by now, be able to have these experiences. Therefore, do consult a counsellor for help. The sooner the child can begin social play, the better for his overall social and emotional development.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 16 2018

    @PranshuArora Thank you for reaching out to us and we sincerely apologize for the delayed response to your question. Your worry about your child makes you wonder if all is fine with him. Toddlers at the age of 2 to 3 years, are capable of doing little things on their own. They also learn a lot by imitating other children. To help your son become comfortable with other children, do try out the following suggestions: first, invite one child to your home to play with your son. Stay close to him and let him watch how the other child plays. After a few times, he will gradually join in the play and you can keep a distance from him. Next, invite one or two more children to join in the play. Your son will soon get used to talking and playing with more children and will stop expecting you to be with him. If, after trying these steps, you dont see much progress, it would be helpful to consult a counsellor for further guidance.