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    How do we know how much our kid is capable of?

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    This is a very important area of child development. It’s not so much about how much a child is capable of, rather it is about what he can become capable of. A child’s abilities emerge through opportunities to be curious, explore, observe and learn. The early childhood years are spent learning many new things – how things work, the ‘why’ of things, trying out different activities. All these experiences get recorded in the child’s brain. Lots of free play has many benefits, such as developing imagination and creativity.

    A child’s abilities are not fixed. They can grow and develop, depending on how parents and other adults encourage them. Learning is a very dynamic process that allows a child to experiment and learn from his mistakes. This is a very crucial experience where parents must help their child to keep trying despite the mistakes. Else the child gives up, stops trying, gets blocked, and refuses to continue doing the activity. In middle childhood, a child likes to try out many new skills – allow him to do so with the minimum amount of money investment. Invest only when he is quite sure that he would like to continue learning the activity. It is only in later teen years that they become very focused on certain abilities and decide to pursue them. Till then, encourage and guide your child, give opportunities and help him learn from mistakes and failures.

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