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    Infant and Newborn Care

    How to keep your child safe from infections?

    Infant and Newborn Care

    How to keep your child safe from infections?

    Keeping ourselves and our children safe from infections at all times is very much important. Educating our children about the same is also essential. Share with us how we can keep our children safe from infections! ... more

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    • Mar 16 2020


    Rajeev Singh Mar 18 2020

    Infection Always start from dirtyness So,We always have to tell our kids to wear fresh clothes , Everytime Kids cm. from outside teach them to clean hands and Eat every fruits after cleaning in fresh water and keep their beds tidy and clean to keep away infection these are some thing we are continously trying to teaching my kid and let him keep away from infection.

    Shannon Almeida Mar 18 2020

    A common infection, like a cold, that would be mild in a healthy child can become serious in a child with a weak immune system. a) Cleaning your hands is the most important thing you can do to limit or prevent infection, hence every parent needs to educate their children to always wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, and after touching any item that could have a large number of germs on it. b) Good oral care is essential; every child should brush his/her teeth after eating and before bedtime. This can help prevent an infection called thrush from developing in the mouth. Parents need to monitor their kids strictly and see that they brush their teeth regularly. c) Our children needs to stay away from stray animals especially since they are not injected. d) Our children should be taught to avoid picking up any personal items that fall on the floor, which needs to be cleaned before using them again. e) Clean toys, highchairs and worktops regularly, have germs which can live for up to 48-hours on surfaces. We, as parents need to keep a check on this.

    Amrita Mallik Mar 16 2020

    Half the work has been done by TV. Hence, the load on the mamma has reduced. Washing hands or bathing is fun for my son as he loves water. It eases my task. I don't need to goad him to wash his hands multiple times. He is always ready. Since he has dust allergy and often develops cough and cold, he knows that he should stay safe from germs. After returning from outside he should wash his hands, feet and face. Before eating the same rule applies. More than that I ensure fruits and vegetables in his diet. Even exercising. He does with me. A healthy lifestyle will definitely prevent infections.