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    Infant and Newborn Care

    How to keep your baby safe this winter? Share with us!

    Infant and Newborn Care

    How to keep your baby safe this winter? Share with us!

    Winter is that time of the year where we tend to fall sick and so do our little ones. Share with us how to keep your baby safe this winter? ... more

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    • Dec 9 2019


    Ankita Sharma 191 days ago

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    Team ParentCircle Jan 6 2020

    @Team ParentCircle This was such an easy-to-follow video. Just loved it. She is great!

    Shannon Almeida Dec 9 2019

    Winter is a time when babies love to be cuddled and loved. I take extra care to make sure my child wears a bonnet because most of body heat is lost through the head. I make sure he is equally hydrated during this season, so I give him a lot of milk and liquids. Good nutrition is important this season, as it helps my kids to fight off cold and flu. I keep their immune systems strong with a balanced diet. His ears have to be covered to prevent the cold from entering his system. My children need to wash their hands frequently and I have taught them to sneeze and cough into their elbow. Shopping for winter warm boots, gloves and mittens and a hat, makes a big difference in keeping my kids comfortable. A good winter Lotion rubbed into their skin is a must to avoid rashes and cracks. Winter is a flawsome season and hence they need awesome attention which will cover all their flaws.

    Shannon Almeida Dec 23 2019

    @Shannon Almeida Thank you for the suggestions, Shanon. I try covering my 10-month-old's ears covered, but he keeps removing the cap. What do you thing I should do?

    Team ParentCircle Dec 13 2019

    My baby is 9 months, so this winter I am feeding him lentil soup, mashed vegetables with a bit of white butter. He just loves it and seems to be developing a taste for veggies. I give him a gentle lukewarm mustard oil massage. I temper the oil with a bit of garlic pods and nigella seeds. I allow him to play in the sun for sometime and then bathe him. He really seems to be enjoying the weather.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 16 2019

    @Team ParentCircle My mouth is watering with the description of the food and the massage oil. Home remedies are so useful and effective, will ask my sister to try it with her little one of 6 months.