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    How to help a child when she feels embarrassed?

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    Your child may be embarrassed because she is feeling shy or is uncomfortable in a given situation or is ashamed about something that happened. Whatever may be the cause of embarrassment, she is probably feeling big emotions and needs your support. Acknowledge her feelings. Let her know that we all experience different feelings. Talk about what happened. Help her name her feelings and understand why she may be feeling that way. Often all she needs is a hug from you and a shoulder to cry on to let out her big feelings. She will feel better then.

    Sometimes your child can embarrass you and you don’t know how to control the situation.  In this case, you are probably feeling a loss of control. It’s important to try and stay calm, even if you are feeling angry or upset. Try to divert the child with other activities that she may enjoy. Or just remove her from the situation and take her to a different place. If she is trying to embarrass you to get what she wants, remember to stay firm and not give in. If you do give in, she will soon learn she can get her way by embarrassing you.

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