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    How to handle smart kids?

    Team ParentCircle Answered by Team ParentCircle

    Dear Parent,

    The ‘smart’ child of today is characterized by the following:

    • Is very aware – makes him feel knowledgeable – speak to him at that level
    • Seeks new experiences – is curious and adventurous – give him freedom within limits
    • Seeks new opportunities – wants to experience success – allow him to try new things
    • Wants to be heard – expects your attention – listen to him with genuine interest
    • Forms opinions – tests his thinking skills – guide him on how to not pass judgments
    • Expects to be respected - builds his self-worth – be fair and use respectful language

    Do remember that all children may not be ‘smart’ in all ways. Focus your attention on your child’s strengths and be aware of his limitations. This will help you have reasonable and fair expectations of him.

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